Z Ultra – Sony or Google?

According to the latest gadgets news, there have been numerous debates over the similarities and differences between the Xperias Z Ultra and Play Edition Z Ultra. The Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra and the Google Play Edition Z Ultra may seem identical, but are in fact very different smart phones. Obviously, one has the custom Xperia branding that we are used to from the Sony line, together with the implicit services and apps, while the other comes with an intact Android version, straight from Google’s shelves. The Z Ultra is one of the biggest smartphones you can get, if factors like price and portability are not issues for you. The twin mobile phones may look exactly the same and even have the same basic inside makeup, but they offer complete different experiences to their users.

 The fact that the Google Play Editions offer something different is not a breaking news, as we’ve seen it happening with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One smart phones last summer, offering users a highly Google-y interpretation of the Android system. Not only that, but the regular versions of HTC One and Galaxy S4 can be easily purchased off or on contract from all major carriers, being mainstream smart phones, while the Google Play Editions can only be bought without subsidies, from Google directly. The story goes a little different with Z Ultra, as none of the two versions can be purchased from any carrier. They can be ordered from Sony, at the price of $679.99, or Google, at respectively $649.99, and come unlocked. Obviously, this isn’t a phone for those wanting to get the best deal out of their local carrier, but for actual enthusiasts of the gadget, who have no problem paying the full retail price.

 But the question remains: which of the twins is better? The hardware design is entirely Sony’s accomplishment and some will say that the Xperia software is truly complementary, but many users prefer Google’s Android, especially since the Play Edition of the Z Ultra comes with the very latest version of Android. As far as design goes, both versions have the same incredibly wide screen and ultra-thin feature, being even thinner than iPhone 5S, which isn’t exactly a trump card, as it makes it a bit hard to handle. However, the Sony version comes in three different colors, black, white and purple, while Google Play Edition only comes in black.

Now, as far as Android versions go, the Xperia logo phone runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with, as mentioned above, Sony’s custom applications and interface. The Google Edition runs the 4.4.2 KitKat Android version and has no added features or apps, being basically the same software as on Nexus 4 and 5. The pity here is that Google had a massive screen at its disposal with the Z Ultra and really didn’t seize the opportunity at all. Seeing that its large size and wide screen are the most important and distinctive trump cards of Z Ultra, I think it’s safe to say that the Sony’s Xperia version has more to give to users, offering a better experience than Google Play Edition, even though the latter provides a more up to date model. However, like all smartphones, these too will only have a short period of glory before being outranked by newer models. The latest gadgets news show us that all smart phone manufacturers are working on new products so we are very enthusiastic about this year’s smart phone releases.