YouTube videos – soon available from your car

We all enjoy watching YouTube videos on our computers, smart phones or perhaps smart TV, as it is the ideal way to listen to our preferred artists or to discover some truly funny videos. The biggest news it that soon it will become possible to enjoy our favorite videos from the comfort of our car, as Google has teamed up with Nvidia and car manufacturers General Motors, Honda, Hyundai and Audi and is about to integrate the Android operating system into cars. According to specialists, this could be one of the most important moves for Android which hasn’t been able to infiltrate through the car market so far. In terms of the applications which will be available on the infotainment of new autos, Google didn’t divulge any details, but mentioned that all of the apps will be driver-friendly.

To offer the consumers the opportunity to enjoy YouTube videos insider their cars is a move that had been expected for quite some time and now it is finally official. The collaboration between Google, Nvidia and the various carmakers will most surely create a strong impact on consumers who have already expressed their satisfaction through diverse social networks. According to the initial agreement, the auto manufacturers involved in this impressive project will be responsible for the building and the design of the vehicles, while Android will have to accomplish the demanding mission of updating the system whenever it is required. “Our goal is to build an experience that helps drivers get what they’re looking for without disrupting their focus on the road,” announced the group at the Consumer Electronics Show which took place in Las Vegas.

The actual moment of the release hasn’t been announced, but, considering the fact that new models of cars already feature an impressive Internet connection, it remains just a matter of time before YouTube videos will become available. An important aspect is that, with the aid of the Android in-car system, not only those in the front seats will have the opportunity to enjoy YouTube videos at a high-quality, but also back-seat passengers. Of course, many don’t see the point of this project and claim that people don’t really need access to YouTube videos while in the car. In addition to that, opposers perceive it simply as a clever way for Google to gain a platform in order to stream ads and sell content. The response of the group was that “The OAA is dedicated to a common platform that will drive innovation and make technology in the car safer and more intuitive for everyone.”

Before purchasing a vehicle, more and more drivers are making inquiries about the infotainment screens, as they consider them important elements, and this is an aspect which Google, Nvidia and the diverse carmakers involved in this project want to take advantage of. Whether the access to YouTube videos while being in the car is indeed necessary, it is a debatable matter. The important thing is that, sometime this year, the Android in-car system will become available for all those who wish to enjoy its features.