Why is it better to have original battery for your Notebook

In the modern society, the computer has become more and more important, and facilitates almost every field of our daily life. The computer is a system of different parts working together: not only the visible ones (generally called hardware), but also the ones which refer to programs or instructions (software). Laptops are the modern alternative, being more practical and sometimes performing. They have similar components, but combine them into a much smaller space, which makes them even more interconnected and difficult to remove. Since they are built to be used, the devices may sometimes need maintenance and even replacement. Generally, some parts of the notebook (especially the main ones, such as processors) are not designed to be replaceable, but others (the battery, for example), has a warranty of couple of years and can be easily replaced with another. If you are looking for batería de notebook to replace the current one, the specialists’ advice is to buy an original one.


Battery is the most common part of the laptop that stops working after some time. Its life expectancy is about three years, but this of course depends on the model and workload. Furthermore, the user can harm the component by exposing it to too much heat, letting it inside the computer during demanding operations or having a chaotic charging and discharging pattern. However, in time, the performance of your battery will decrease and you will notice the reduction of its capacity after regular use. A common problem is that the notebook charges, but it does not last long enough and you always have to plug it in, thus the battery must be changed. An easy way of doing this would be to order online one that is suitable to your laptop model, but make sure it is from a reputable company, and also original. Keep in mind the quality-price ratio and the fact that an expensive component will last more than a cheaper one, so you can even save money by choosing the right part from the very beginning. For this reason, you must make some research on the subject on specialized blogs and stores and even ask for further advice. Another benefit of buying original battery is that it comes with warranty, and you can exchange it in case does not function from the beginning.


When searching for a new battery, try not to let yourself fooled by the “affordable” prices, and do not choose the cheapest you find. Although you may save some money at the moment, on long term you will end up spending more, because you might have to replace it more often. For this reason, purchasing a branded component could be a significant investment. Besides this, an after-market part will ruin your whole laptop warranty and may even be dangerous. Due to the fact that it is improperly designed and built with insufficient testing it could cause a short circuit or even burst in flames.