When technology meets vintage design

People normally associate technology with smartphones and tablets, not decorations. However, technology has made an impact on all businesses and restaurants have found ways to benefit from modern tools. Not very long ago, owners would use hand painted signs to advertise their establishments and these are indeed very charming, but not exactly practical, because the paint can wear off. When light up letters appeared, they were met with instant success, because they offered owners a practical and cost effective alternative to hand painted signs. Nowadays, almost all establishments have lit signs, some of which are very high-tech and eye catchy. Depending on your type of venue, you can choose from multiple options, but, in the past years, the vintage light up letter has gained its popularity, because it reminds people of the charm of the past. These letters were extremely popular in 1940’s Hollywood and now they are making a comeback. They work for many locations, but they have the biggest impact for bars and restaurants, especially the thematic ones.


Not only are vintage light up letters very practical and effective, but also a pleasure to create. Designers working for home and business décor companies have taken inspiration from golden age trends to re-create the glamorous look of light up letters. They choose special fonts and then then they decide what position the bulbs should take on the sign. Depending on your preferences, there are two main options available: you can either choose a sign with bold, upper case letters or an elegant one with cursive letters. Also, you can create an illuminated sign to display your company name or a slogan. Needless to say, designers have enhanced the vintage lettering trend from old Hollywood and gave it some modern day features. For example, the bulbs are much higher quality and they can last for a longer period of time. However, it should be noted that these signs are usually made for indoor use, because they can be damaged by rain or snow if left outside.


Apart from vintage letters, you can also choose other designs. For example, you can find signs shaped like different objects, such as glasses and beer pints. The letters are usually purchased by restaurant or bar owners, but doesn’t have to be the case, because individual buyers can use them as well. For example, vintage letters can be placed in homes, on the walls and achieve creative effects. If your house is decorated with a minimal design, you can place the letters above the bed or above the sofa. Possibilities are endless: you can choose to write a message, a word, or use the initial of the family members. No matter what design you go for, you will definitely like the effect. However, before you buy anything, you should make sure you understand the way these signs work and how bulbs should be replaced. In addition, you will have to respect several safety requirements and find out if you can also get accessories for your signs.