What you should know about pre-paid visa bitcoin card

When it comes to money, you are probably thinking about cash, credit card or debit card. However, these are not the only options the market provides in terms of financial matters. Prepaid bitcoin cards are not only an easy way to make your online payments, but also an extremely secure way. Moreover, you are able to withdraw cash money, regardless of your location. Moreover, it is all anonymous. vvcbitcoin.com, for example is one of the provider of services of this type available on the market. Below are some aspects you should know about pre-paid visa bitcon cards.

1. It is secure in online transactions

The main problem with traditional credit card is that they were not created to be used online in their very first days. They were created to be able to withdraw cash money from ATMs. The problems appeared when online selling and payment services appeared. The struggle to keep your data and bank account safe and secure expands until our days. Bitcoin visa cards were are using virtual money, therefore they go hand in hand with all virtual transactions. Encrypting techniques and the fact that you do not have to give up on any of your private data make these cards extremely secure. In order to make transactions via visa bitcoin cards, these are using two keys: a public and a private one. The public key represents your bitcoin card address and the private one is never required. You are the only person why has access to this key. This way, you can be sure no one can obtain your private financial data.

2. Bitcoins does not fluctuate

Bitcoin represents a currency that does not fall under any Government financial policy therefore you don’t have to worry about depreciation and your buying power. The fact that bitcoin was created not to pass the number of 21 million makes it a steady currency.

3. You are the only responsible person for your transactions

With traditional credit cards, so many parties have a responsibility of some kind regarding your money and its security. From the bank, to the merchant, all have to be sure they provide the best security services in order to keep your money and data safe. Bitcoin currency does not require other parts to deal with your money. No one can ever to conclude your account has been used in a shady manner and block your access. Moreover, it is anonymous.

4. Bitcoin transactions are fast

You certainly have waited before you receive some money in your account from your empoloyer, for example, for several days. This is because when transactions between accounts opened at different banks are operated, they can remain even several days at one of the banks. This is not happening with bitcoin currency, the transaction being almost instantaneous.

If you want a secure and private way to manage your money, our sincere advice is to try a pre-paid visa bitcoin card. Transactions are faster and user-friendly, so give it a try!