Using Linux vi commands

Linux is one of the most popular operating systems of the moment, which is why many people choose it when they want to switch to something different than what they use at the moment. However, once they install Linux on their computers, they realize that Linux vi commands can vary from those of Windows. vi is a visual text editor originally developed by William Joy in the 1970s and ever since then it has been successfully used by people from all over. This is the command that starts the mode of ex and it gained popularity because it offered users a few more convenient features and thus made their Linux experience more enjoyable. To this extent, those who want to find more details about Linux vi commands can rest assured that they can find all the information they need online, on dedicated websites.

Since vi became so popular among users, it is only natural for people to be able to find al the information they need without any problems. Those who often need to process editor scripts will find this visual text editor very useful as it suppresses all interactive user feedback, allowing them to do their tasks easier. There are many other options available in this text editor for those who want to try using it. vi is an interactive text editor and it is quite display-oriented, so everything you choose to change, you will notice immediately. This is one of the reasons why so many people prefer using it: they find out immediately about the changes they have made and they have the possibility of using it very easy and in a very effective manner.


The majority of Linux vi commands move the cursor around, in units of words, sentences or even characters. Of course, there are many combinations, so users can always enjoy discovering something new and making their experience considerably easier. Whether they want to edit a file, move around in a file or anything else they might need to do, there is a way of doing everything much easier with the help of Linux vi commands. In addition, they will be able to find everything there is on the internet, from cheat sheets to all the commands explained in detail, they should have no problems in understanding what everything is about.


To conclude, those who are just now considering to start using Linux will be glad to know that there are plenty of Linux vi commands to make their live easier. With the help of this modal editor, they will definitely not have any problems in completing their tasks successfully and in time. There are many combinations in vi, which is why so many users like this text editor. They can always do exactly what they wanted easily and without complicated and time-consuming commands. Even though there are a few contemporary derivates of this visual text editor, many people still prefer to use the classic commands when they use Linux and they are always successful in their activities.