Understanding the demand for LoL accounts

Regardless if you are a passionate gamer or even a beginner one, there is no way you haven’t heard about the League of Legends multiplayer online battle arena video game, one of the most popular and played games all over the world nowadays. As a matter of fact there are impressive numbers of persons enjoying this thrilling and exciting game every single day and this is one of the main reason that makes it so popular, offering each player endless possibilities and a vast number of opponents from all over the globe. But is the large popularity of the game the only reason that generates such a large need for LoL accounts or is there something more to this trend? As many players and game enthusiasts from all over the world have noticed, there is a far greater demand for League of Legends accounts than normally predicted, so where do all the requests come from? And what is the purpose of having new accounts or changing your old one after so many struggles to achieve your in game goals? Stick with us as we are about to explain in full detail one of the most dreadful situations that all players of MOBA video games and especially LoL fear is going to happen to them as well. Learn how to avoid the danger and you will immediately understand why an unranked account is the best solution.


The large demand for precious LoL accounts is real and it has first been noticed when a large number of players started to experience a peculiar phenomenon, which is known among connoisseurs as ELO hell. As scary as the name might sound, the reality is that ELO hell is far worst and has become every gamers’ nightmare. As a matter of fact, there are endless debates on the topic and professional forums regarding the world of gaming have called it from a continuous loop to a mirage or urban legend. The truth is that ELO hell is real and it has been called the main reason why people turn to unranked accounts as there is no remaining solution for them to resort to.


So how do game fans fall into this trap and why is getting a new account the only solution? First of all, let us explain to you what Elo is. It has been defined as the rating system implemented by the designers of the game in order to rank the players according to their individual performances and successful or unsuccessful manner of playing the game. To put things short, Elo is the system that League of Legends uses to calculate your skill level in the virtual arena. Further on, the process goes something like this: if you hit a low level on the Elo ranking, then it becomes very difficult and almost excruciating to get your level back up again. This is why most players feel they are trapped in the game, forced to continue on an endless struggle which leads nowhere and brings no positive outcome in the foreseeable future. What follows is easy to understand. Instead of continuing forever in a trap of the system many players resort to a different option and start all over again, perfectly explaining the large demand for unranked accounts in the game.