Top four Forex trading platforms

Forex trading is one of the most popular forms of trading today because of its great returns and accessibility. The possibility to trade irrespective of your location and the time with the help of professional Forex trading platforms is another reason why this type of trading has become so sought after in the past few years. While Forex trading can bring big returns, there is also a great risk involved in the exchange, especially for beginners. The allure of Forex trading is the fact that you do not require deep financial knowledge in order to become successful, but that does not mean that anyone could pull this type of trick. You need to have a general knowledge, not to mention access to information from the financial world in order to earn money through this method.  It is important to know at least the Forex trading basics before starting to trade on this market to ensure that you will not fall into bad habits from the beginning and los all your money. Another important thing you need to keep in mind while trading Forex is that the broker and trading platform you choose can influence your results. This is why you should carefully choose only after doing a thorough research. There is plenty of information online about Forex trading strategies, brokers and platforms, so reaching an informed decision is easy as long as you are prepared to invest time in reading and scrutinizing reviews and articles from the Internet. Following are short descriptions about the top four Forex trading platforms available currently for anyone interested whether we talk about a financial institution or individual.



The MetaTrader4 is probably the most renowned Forex trading platform and its popularity can be very well explained by the incredible features it presents. Besides automated trading, mobile trading and multiple account management, the MetaTrader4 also boasts a user friendly interface and the best technical analysis on the dedicated market.



NinjaTrader is an award winning Forex platform that is set apart from other similar platforms by its advanced charting, trading simulator and custom development. Users also have the opportunity to extend the platform by acquiring over 300 add-ons, including strategies and applications. They can also add their own ideas into the equation as indicators.


Mirror Trader

An increasingly popular platform, the Mirror Trader focuses on improving the automated trading to provide a seamless trading experience to its users. The popularity of this Forex trading platform is also thanks to its ability to encompass any number of strategies the user wishes to follow. In three easy steps, the Mirror Trader can help you trade Forex automatically by following whatever trading strategy you prefer.



ZuluTrade is an impressive Forex trading platform that offers users the opportunity to trade from any device of their choice. Whether you own an iPhone, Android or Windows phone, ZuluTrade provides apps and widgets for any type of operating system. More than that, it also puts a Blackberry Playbook and Z10 app at users’ disposal and a desktop widget that can prove useful for keen Forex traders.