Three pool trends for the following year

If you have a pool, then you can consider yourself a lucky house owner. Firstly, because you have a beautiful and relaxing place where you can spend time with your family and friends during summer. Secondly, because this will definitely increase the value of your real estate, in case you ever decide to sell the property. If you still do not have a pool, but you envision where you could have it installed, then wait no more. Find yourself a reliable contractor and tell them what you want. This may sound quite simple, but pay a lot of attention because as fun as it seems at first glance, building a pool is often a troublesome process. This means that in order to avoid this, you need to be informed so that you can explain the manufacturer exactly what you are expecting. Read about your options in terms of size, materials and design and last but not least, find out the latest trends of the market. Here are three tendencies you may find useful when making a decision:

Installing cool / hot heat pumps

Normally, people use their outdoor pools exclusively during summer, but if you make sure you can adjust the temperature of the water, you are likely to swim in your pool also during the cold season. Heat pumps are a very efficient heater most pool builders in Port Perry should be able to install. If you want to have full control on the temperature of the water, you can opt for a device that can both cool and heat water. You may think that this is kind of useless, but you may be surprised to discover that in the hottest days of summer, the pool becomes rather a puddle than a place where you can refresh yourself. This means that if you want to have a pool with direct exposure to sun (and you should, since this is one of the elements that make it successful), or you have automatic pool covers, you are going to need this type of pump.


Tanning ledges

If you want to have a pool, you will definitely want to lie in the sun also. For this reason, lately, designers have come up with a great “accessory” for pools: the tanning ledges, also known as “Baha shelves”. These are small areas where you can place the chaise longue or mattress, without having to be submerged under water, because its depth is of about 12” or even less. If you want, you can ask the manufacturer to include this area in the large pool or you can opt for a pool side tanning ledge.



Whether you want to recreate a small jungle paradise or a luxurious oasis, you can now have it. Landscaping designers advise you to forget about a neat pool surrounded by dull tiles. For this reason, you can let your imagination fly and use as many poolside accessories as you wish: fire bowls, large stones, huge plants and even other small water features.