This is where you should go with your old phone

No one will tell you what to do with your old phone and the odds are that the phone will sit quietly on the table until the owner remembers all about it. You do not need to worry about the upcoming launch of the new iPhone because you already have one that is worth a considerable amount of money. There is really no more use to go to the market and hustle with potential buyers in order to sell your iPhone for cash when you can simply benefit from the rise of the new market interested in purchasing Apple devices. If you desire to trade in the device and earn yourself some money there are a few options you should be considering, among which the Internet is the most viable solution. So where should you go with your used smartphone?


E-commerce websites 

The simplest solution is to go online because it is less time-consuming. The fact is that a busy lifestyle will not leave you with much time to search for buyers. There are many examples of companies such as Gazelle and eBay where you can upload pictures of your product and wait for it to sell. The greatest advantage is represented by the fact that the web is open for everyone which means that the chances that you will sell the smartphone are a lot higher than on the street or by word of mouth. What you should expect is the fact that the value of the phone will automatically decrease according to the state in which the phone currently is and the age, in other words if you have had it for more than two years it can be labeled as old.

Retail companies

Many retailers such as Apple itself are offering customers the possibility of selling their old iPhones. They usually work in partnership with other companies that recycle the phones. What Apple and so many others do is to offer either gift cards or special discount for the purchase of new devices.  By recycling the company gives the phone a new life, in other words it is repaired and resold to other persons who cannot afford expensive mobiles. In addition to this, there are many manufacturers who still use part of the phone such as the plastic and other material in order to make other devices.

Take a trip to the carrier store

There is a multitude of carrier stores that are more than willing to offer you advantageous financing plans. The purpose of Apple stores is to give a helping hand to customers who have not yet finalized their two-year agreement, but who want to get their hands on the newly appeared models. While in the past customers were given the possibility of purchasing phones at low prices only when the agreement expired due to the subsidized pricing, this is now possible through the intermediary of these special financing programs. The trade in program basically means that you have to come with your old device and trade it in for a new one. However, they would prefer that you renew your agreement with them.