Things you should know about compatible cartridges

Choosing the perfect cartridge for your printer can be a tricky task, and in case you do not pay attention, you may end up buying a product you will not be able to use. The two main options you have are buying an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or a compatible cartridge: the first ones are the products created by the company which made the printer, while the second are those made by third party manufacturers and are quite similar to the original ones. They can be used for various purposes, and must not be mistaken with those which are refurbished and refilled, because they are originally created. If you want to pay affordable prices, you should know that you are likely to find cheap ink cartridges online and their quality is not questionable. Compatible products are as performing as the OEM, only that they have to look distinct from those, due to legal reasons, because most companies have patented their ink bullets so that these cannot be imitated. This means that pretending a compatible cartridge is an OEM is violation of the copyrights and is punished by law, obliging manufacturers to differentiate their products, which is not a bad thing for buyers who are able to access a wide variety of items belonging to different brands.


In case you are not sure about buying a compatible or a refurbished cartridge, remember that the generic ones are usually packed in plain boxes, without any brand specified on them. This is the main difference, but do not consider them obscure items because they can be as qualitative as any other, it all depends on the manufacturer. Many of these come with a warranty from the company which made them, which can be even better than those from the original manufacturer, so there is nothing to worry about because they will work perfectly on your printer and will not ruin the other parts. You may think that the quality of the printouts is different if you use a compatible cartridge, but this is not really true. However, for common items, the compatible cartridges are just perfect, but in case you need an extremely accurate print, you may consider using a branded ink reserve. These are likely to be more consistent, due to the fact that the original company is striving to maintain their image, so they do not afford to offer the clients low quality products. For the best results, it is recommended to choose a branded compatible cartridge, which will be the perfect match to your printer.


Even if you could pay a bit more for a branded item, you should know that generic products deliver lower quality printouts. There are many reasons for which this can happen (defective products, inexperienced manufacturer or incompatibility), which is why it is better to buy from a company which offers warranty of at least sixty days. However, make sure you change the cartridge correctly, because you so not want to ruin the printer due to incorrect usage.