The technology behind UAV aerial photography

UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, but it is commonly known and referred to as drone. It is basically an aircraft that flies without a human pilot, being controlled either by the computers onboard or by a remote control. At first, the drones were used for military purposes only, for special operations, but as the years passed and technology advanced, these aerial vehicles began being used in all sorts of applications. Furthermore, when the small UAV technology was released on the market, many fields and industries started to use these drones, a good example being the UAV aerial photography. This has completely changed the photographical process and the filming as well. The design and development process is still ongoing at the activity takes place at a global level, as there are manufacturers around the world. The technology first pioneered in the US and Israel, but the United States had the bigger market share, over 60% in 2006, which further increased through the years.


As mentioned above, the technology behind these drones completely changed the face of photography and film making, as UAV aerial photography has made it possible for professionals to frame shots like never before. First of all, the devices enabled photographers to speed things up and set up a shot a lot more quickly than the old process, of positioning the tripod, framing the landscape and all the rest. The drone can be essentially placed anywhere in the sky and has the ability to capture shots and get frames that would otherwise take hours to set. So, the UAV aided photography opens up a whole new series of possibilities. The drones are generally used for landscape photography, because the lenses are usually very wide, which makes it easy for photographers to compose big landscapes while having full control. Therefore, as technology becomes more and more available, these drones also become invaluable tools for photographers, turning the creative process into a quicker and even cheaper project, not to mention the fact that they virtually break the constraints of physical gear.


It’s not just the UAV aerial photography that has revolutionized the present. The filming industry, especially the commercial field, has had a lot to gain from the use of drones. There is this one TV spot for Converse that has had a great impact both on viewers and on creative directors in the business. Shot with a UAV camera, the spot starts with an inverted view of New York City and then shows a unique perspective on street artists, skateboarders, all shot from the sky. The image is smooth and sweeping and the effect is amazing. The bottom line is that the new technology has brought along many changes, all of them for the better, helping the photography and cinematography industry work more easily, less restrained and at some level, even cheaper, as drones eliminate the need for expensive gear, such as spider cam rigs, dollies and cranes.