The screen printing technology

Screen printing is a technique used since ancient times as a form of stenciling. With the passing of time, newer methods were created and nowadays, the screen printing technology revolves around using polyester meshes and the photo emulsion technique. The graphic screen printing technique is used with success today to create mass produced graphics. Aside from posters and display stands, screen printing is also used to create personalized T-shirts. In fact, the technology is mainly used to print on fabrics and adorn clothes. Numerous companies offer custom screen printing services online providing customers with the opportunity to print anything they want on clothing items. From screen printing on canvas used to express creativity and artistic vision to screen printing on T-shirts, the technique is the same.


The actual print technique


The print screening technique is simple, yet ingenious. The tools used can be simple materials you have around the house or sophisticated machine capable of printing thousands of sheets per hour. You can make a screen by stretching a mesh over a frame, while the stencil is created by blocking certain areas of the screen and creating a negative image of the actual design you want on your T-shirt or canvas. Those open areas will be the places where the ink will appear. Next, the frame and screen are aligned, the emulsion prepared and the substrate to be printed is placed on a flat surface. The screen is pressed atop the substrate and ink on top of the screen, which is pushed through the holes in the mesh. This is the traditional print screening technique. There are many types of screen printing methods and presses. The most widely used print screening press is called rotary press. The machine is used in a multitude of domains and can print on almost any type of surface.


The advantages of print screening


The main advantage of screen printing is its affordability. You can print screen a T-shirt at very cheap rates nowadays, not to mention that you can use any design you want. Print screening machines are capable of recreating any image or text irrespective of their complexity. This is another reason why print screening is so popular even among digital artists that bring their art to life by printing it. Another important benefit of print screening is the rapidity with which large quantities are produced. Modern presses are automatic and can print thousands of shirts per hour. This speed is ideal for clothing manufacturers. Last, but not least, the versatility of this technique is extraordinary. Print screening can be used on any surface and the process does not involve pressure. You can print screen any material and object from fabrics to ceramics and plastic items.


Custom screen printing


The versatility of this printing technique explains its use in so many industries. Balloons, medical devices, electronics, textile fabric, product labels and decals have prints made using this technology. An automated screen printing machine will only require the image or text that needs to be reproduced and it will print the desired design on any surface or material.