The applications of the active magnetic bearing system

The world of technology has changed greatly in the last few years, entering all markets. Without technology, the world would have not evolved in such a manner, not finding solutions to real, serious health problems or to the growth of important industries.  It is true that saying technology, one can refer to a great number of areas and domains. Technology is present wherever you might be looking, as it takes many forms and shapes. However, generally speaking, technology is all about mechanism, as this is how one could explain its ever-changing nature and its capacity to answer a great number of issues. To better reveal this fact, it might be a good idea to look at a particular example of mechanism that has brought forward an impressive number of improvements in a large number of markets. The active magnetic bearing system is the mechanism in question, proving that technology can be successfully used in more than just entertainment. Apparently, this system was created somewhere in the second World War. Of course, this comes to prove that researches in the world of technology were needed for other reasons than to increase the level of entertainment. Coming back to the issue, it is worth mentioning that the active magnetic bearing system has plenty of uses or it has gained quite a few since it was designed.


Applications vary greatly. There are a few fields in which developments in the magnetic bearing system have been required. The first such industry that ought to be mentioned is oil and gas. The system has been highly made use of in the turbo expander and centrifugal compressor. Taking into consideration just what the oil and gas industry means for the modern world, you can easily imagine why there is such a need for an improved mechanism. Furthermore, as mentioned in the beginning, technology has made it possible for the world of medicine to grow as well. The connection between the magnetic bearing system and the above mentioned field is the imaging equipment. The magnetic bearing system is used in improving the medical imaging equipment. For those who do not know of the importance of the imaging system, it is worth mentioning that in its absence, identifying the real problem would be rather difficult.


Furthermore, the number of application has not yet reached its end. The active magnetic bearing system is also used in the energy industry, more specifically in the gas turbine and turbo generator. The turbo machinery market is no stranger to the use of this system. To be more accurate, there are quite a few uses of the system. The air compressor, turbo blower, high power motor and the refrigerator compressor, all make use of the magnetic bearing technology. As you can see, the popularity of this system is much above average. Of course, much can be said about this system. Certainly, technology has finally demonstrated that it can bring many advantages and benefits to all markets and industry, not just entertainment. Without the proper mechanisms, industries would fail to grow.