Techy secrets for increasing your client’s referrals. Hair salon edition

Clients are the power core of a successful business. But sometimes they are quite difficult to please. They have high expectations from all points of view and oftentimes, they seem to replace you with your competitors without an apparent reason. Thus, pleasing clients, especially those you interact directly here is somewhat difficult. But if you invest in a salon scheduler software your chances of getting great client referrals increase dramatically. But let’s see how software of this kind could help you improve your relationship with your clients.


1. No more overlapping appointments

One common problem with hair salons is keeping track of your appointments. Well, until now, because this software will certainly help you tidy up your scheduling book. One of the greatest features some pieces of similar software have is their easy and flexible scheduling calendar. With different indicators for “Upcoming”, “Completed” and “Current” appointments, these little apps will let you have your peace of mind and make sure that being considerate of one’s time is mutual. Neither you, nor your clients will ever be late of forget about appointments, with this little piece of software. Invest in it, because it will come in great help. Also, your clients will be certainly pleased!

2.  Remember your client’s preferences

It is difficult to remember what colour some of your clients prefer dyeing their hair, what haircuts they prefer, or what political views they have (since this seems to be a real deal breaker, lately, for many). But make sure you take notes with your smart apps and surprise them for the best when you’ll be able to remember what hairstyle do they like or what music they prefer listening to. This way, you will have a nice small-talk topic that won’t offend your clients and they are more likely to bond a stronger connection with you. You will become a part of their lives, because clients what all the same thing. They want somebody to validate them and their views.

3. No more unexpected low stocks

Inventory seems to be a part of managing a business many are lacking. But considering the fact that you most probably need to juggle with multiple tasks at once, we don’t blame. However, your clients might have a different opinion about this. If you want to make sure that a product won’t run out of stock mid-hairstyle, software products like these are a lifesaver. If you are not convinced yet, ask those who are already using them. Their feedback will surprise you.

A simple app could improve your relationship with your clients greatly, without any consistent efforts coming from your side. It will simply allow you to manage your business easier and make your client’s experience with your salon more personal. This will help greatly is gaining your client’s referrals is a goal for you. And it should be. Clients are the soul of a business.