Is the support for indie games giving PS4 a competitive edge?

Ever since Sony and Microsoft announced the launch of their new generation of consoles, Xbox One and PS4, both gaming experts and gaming fans around the world alike started to predict the result of the fierce competition between the two brands. Of course, their arrival on the market was anticipated with equal interestand eagerness, and the statements regarding which will stand on the top or which will be better were quite irrelevant for those who had the strength of the will not to press the preorder button and wait for the console do what they promised before making a decision, especially since most comments came from avid fans of the brands. However, after a couple of months since launching have already passed, one can say that the inclination is weaning towards PS4, at least from the perspective of gamers, who see the collaboration with Vita as a plus.

While Xbox One tries to advertise their console as a box with everything and focuses less on gaming than PS4 and more on other features such as allowing users watch television, so gamers prefer the latter over the first. An important reason why so many voices in favor of PlayStation 4 appeared is the fact that it supports a great variety of games, including indie and Japanese role-playing games. It is needless to mention that the taste in games is a deciding factor in the choice between two consoles, so the fact that the balance inclines in favor of PS4 is not surprising. More than that, Xbox One has raised a few questions with its Internet log-in restriction and the controversy still continues to be discussed on forums and blogs. The no always-online DRM policy and the difference in price have also brought PS4 a competitive edge over Xbox One. Sites like give you information on both consoles so you can be sure that you get the one that suit you needs better.

Going beyond price, features and specs, gamers are in general more interested in the type of games or more exactly the list of games the consoles have lined up for their users. The announcement that they will focus on or at least allow experimental and indie games on their console has brought Sony many fans home. Gamers are eager to try Rogue Legacy, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Not Taken, Infamous: Second Son and even the strange, but uniquely funny Octodad. Having exclusive games has proved to be a smart move, because the figures PS4 reached, especially in the UK, have exceeded all expectations. Vita Remote Play is another idea that appealed to many gamers out there, encouraging the collaboration between PS4 and Vita further. The shared indie games library appeals many gaming fans that are in a constant search for the next favorite. In terms of specs and hardware, both consoles are similar making little or no difference in the decision taking. In the end, the brand that sells its story best usually wins the start and the battle will continue in the favor of the console that exclusively brings the most wanted games or shows greater improvements over the year with its software updates.

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