Social Media Marketing Software Tools for Your Business

Instead of spending too much time on social media marketing campaigns, you can resort to the help of the latest marketing software tools that will help you increase your yield. Some of these advanced tools will help you lead better campaigns that will improve the effectiveness of your websites. Although some of them imply large costs, you will find the investment well worth it as you will be pleased with the results. Here are the best social media marketing software tools that can improve your business.


This is the leading social media dashboard that can really improve your management because it can help you manage multiple networks and profiles as well as it allows you to measure your campaign results. HootSuite allows you to send messages to a Facebook page, to Twitter, or to Google+ Page and it can help you create profiles for internal communications, all for only $10 per month. If you are not familiar with using social media marketing software, you can visit and ask for their assistance in the matter.


You can receive social media monitoring tools, social CRM, marketing, and social media engagement if you choose to use this software tool. The $5,000 per month cost seem very high, but there are many great features included in this software, like tagging a social media advocate for your brand and turning them into a contact withing SalesForce. However, this software can only be used if your business already has SalesForce and if you rely on the help of a full-time social media team.

Sprout Social

If you are looking for a software platform that will help you find new customers and grow your social media popularity, this is exactly what you need. It allows you to monitor your clients’ social media profiles and it can integrate with Google Analytics. This is an affordable and user-friendly software that only costs $39 per month for the basic package. The biggest drawback of this tool is that it doesn’t integrate Google Plus so it won’t be suitable for your business if you are promoting your Google Plus Local Business Page.


This software offers powerful marketing for pages, ads, promotions, messages, and more and it’s advertised as being suitable for any type of business. There are two types of marketing plans included in WildFire, one is the Promotion Builder that only costs 435 per month and the other is the Social Marketing Suite that reaches up to $3,500 per month. However, it’s best that you use this software if you are a big company with a big social media marketing portfolio.