Secret tools in digital painting

In a world that is so consumed by the use of technology, it was only a matter of time until this idea was reflected in other domains apart from those that are in fact of a practical nature. Digital painting is solid evidence that art has ended plenty of forms, that is constantly moving. The core of art is represented by the feelings of the artist, but there is no mention about form. Form is subjective and this is really where the beauty of art lies. There is really no doubt in anyone’s mind that digital art is the modern expression of the individual living in a technologized world. There are some artists that seem to have reached to heart of the public faster than others. It is true that part of the explanation has to do with skills, but part has to do with technology, more specifically with nifty tools modern artists should use. So, to unravel the mystery, here are three instruments that should help any artist make a name for himself in the world of digital painting.


Photoshop Color Picker


Everyone has heard of this surprising software, so its popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years. Everyone seems to use it everyone from image and video editors to celebrities and of course artists. The Photoshop Color Picker helps the artist play with the essence of art, colors. This tool permits the user to choose and mix colors and shades with great ease. Thus, the painting itself will be completed faster. It is worth mentioning that combining colors is essential, as it offers you the possibility to create realistic portraits or impressive landscapes.


The Burn Tool


A real artist knows that there is no beauty in painting if reality is not respected, at least in general lines. For instance, if you wanted to make a digital painting of the entrance in a mystical forest, then you would certainly need depth and a lot of shades. The burn tool is what you need to create the impression of reality in all types of paintings. The same thing can be said about portraits. You need the brush tool to create all the shadows that appear ad beautify the face of any individual.


The brush /eraser tool


Although this is thought to be a basic instrument and not a necessarily secret one, the variations of brushes on the dedicated market could easily impress anyone. This is actually where the secret lies. If the normal painter has only a limited number of brushes and in certain cases, he or she needs to improvise, the digital artist can create any shape desired using the right brush, no improvising whatsoever. What is even better is that the digital painter can use the brush as an eraser, which basically does its regular job. There is no secret in what the eraser can do.


Digital painting is a domain that keeps on growing, keeps on developing, winning a place of its own in the world of art. If you have ever witnessed digital painting, surely you are aware of its incredible complexity.