Promotional events vs. online marketing campaigns

If you had a new product or business to promote, what medium would you choose? Thirty years ago, a manager’s best answer would have been to organize a promotional event. Fifteen years ago, the possibility of TV ads started to emerge. Now, more and more managers are tempted to try online marketing campaigns and online ads instead of hiring promotional staffing for traditional marketing events. Is this the right choice? As always, it is up to every manager to analyze the best strategy for the company based on the preferences of the target market. A combination of both offline and online marketing is probably the best course of action. The aim of this analysis is not to demonstrate the supremacy of only one form of promotion, but to show that the development of modern marketing strategies and online advertising does not take classic strategies out of the equation and that there are some businesses for which promotional events work best.


First of all, managers who prefer meeting their business partners personally will probably look at online marketing with skepticism. Most companies that offer such services are based abroad, so if you choose to collaborate with them, you will have to establish the details of the campaign via email or messaging. Even if you do work with a professional company, there is the risk of misunderstandings. However, if you hire a promotional staffing company from your city and meet face to face to discuss marketing strategies, you will have better control over the entire process. Secondly, there are some business sectors for which online marketing isn’t entirely profitable. The latest surveys still show that the number of people who use the Internet after the age of 35 drops dramatically, so if your business relies on exactly this market segment, then you should know that an online marketing strategy could make you lose money.  In addition, some online marketing campaigns can be quite expensive.


Promotional staffing companies are an excellent solution if you want to advertise your products the traditional way. You can even discuss with the marketing experts and choose your brand ambassadors personally. This degree of freedom and communication is what makes the difference between the online and offline environment. Online, things are based on trust and you cannot analyze the progress of things personally. Another thing that should also be analyzed when comparing online and offline marketing is the degree of involvement. For example, in some cases, customers may choose to ignore an online ad and keep on browsing. Actually, they might even find the ad intrusive, because they weren’t looking for a particular service. However, promotional events are different. They involve a lot of creativity, they engage potential customers and make them want to try what you have to offer. If you choose to organize such an event in an official exhibition, you also inspire more trust and you have more chances to be perceived as a professional service provider. All in all, no marketing strategy has 100% odds of success and the first step to minimize money loss is to carefully assess your needs and the habits of your target market.