Parts washer fluid – environmental concerns

Parts washing machines are widely used in the automotive, marine, industrial and aviation industries. In the past, these machines used special cleaning liquid with heavy environmental impact, forcing companies to hire licensed hazardous waste management specialists to pick up the waste. More than that, the strict liquid storage regulations determined companies operating in these industries to switch from traditional parts washers to modern ones that use advanced solvent. The incorrect disposal of hazardous waste has taken its toll on our planet, not to mention that parts washing solvents of the past were also dangerous when used and stored incorrectly, as they were inflammable, toxic and would heat during the washing process. Producers and suppliers of modern liquid solutions have managed to create parts washer fluid of superior quality that no longer poses a danger for the environment and its users. The latest solvents are non-flammable, non-toxic, hydrocarbon free and eco-friendly. What is more, they can be safely disposed of in the drains. The advent from highly toxic and inflammable liquids used in the past to the safe and eco-friendly solvents developed for the latest parts washing machines shows that great technological improvements can actively help us protect our environment.


Parts washing machines created for the automotive, marine, industrial and aviation industries are not only safer to use, but also more efficient. Besides the actual improvements brought to the machines, the solvents used at the moment are also more efficient. Contrary to expectations, a cleaning liquid does not have to be toxic in order to be efficient. Producers of parts washing machines have invested a lot of time and effort on research and test to develop eco-friendly and safe liquid with improved quality standards. Intelligent parts washers and advanced washing solvents were designed to work together to offer cost-effective, efficient and sustainable parts cleaning. The non-flammable, non-toxic, hydrocarbon free liquids that are safe for the drains have revolutionized the dedicated market. Companies that operate in the automotive industry need advanced brake and clutch cleaning solutions and the recent discoveries work perfectly. More than that, the regulations with regards to the storage and disposal of parts washer solvent are constantly modified. Companies using parts washers are often unaware of the fact that they are breaking the law and risk invalidating their insurance policies. This is why the latest parts washers that use environmentally friendly solvents are so enticing.


Advanced liquid technologies have managed help companies not only to eliminate the environmental concern, but also to increase productivity. High quality solvents are more efficient than traditional liquid and require no heat to work. The energy consumption is also kept at minimum with the latest parts washing solutions. The machines are created to function on little energy and the solvents are more efficient, while requiring no heating. The energy saved in the process is considerable especially for companies in the industrial sector that use parts washing machines heavily. All in all, the parts washer fluid concerns have been diminished with the latest innovations brought by top producers.