Nintendo – in the search for the best optimization solutions

Nintendo’s launch of the Wii U has proven to be quite successful so far, creating a stronger impact than initially anticipated. And this is not a subjective statement made by the company’s CEO, rather precise, indisputable sales data provided by specialized institutions. According to the statistics, the Japanese multinational electronics company has managed with the new Nintendo Wii U to outsell its biggest competitors when it comes to consoles, Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo has sold 5.05 million units, while Sony’s Play Station 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One have hit sales of 3.35, respectively 2.47 million units. Of course, an essential factor which contributed to the increase of sales for the Nintendo Wii U is the company’s decision to reduce the prices of its deluxe 32 GB version from $ 349.99 to $ 299.99 in September 2013. Although the numbers are quite impressive, specialists consider that Nintendo has to come up with truly innovative solutions in three departments for 2014 in order to keep up the pace with Sony and Microsoft.

After thoroughly analyzing Nintendo’s console evolution, specialists have reached the conclusion that a change is required if the company wants to maintain alive the battle against its rivals. The constant lack of innovation over the years is regarded as one of the main problems which prevented Nintendo’s consoles to reach a higher level of success and popularity. If the Japanese company aspires after better results, then a considerable improvement of the hardware, not as powerful as its main competitors, and of the visual/control schemes, such as the touch screen, microphones or motion controls, is mandatory for this year. The second department which requires substantial amelioration is the game department, slightly overlooked in recent time. In order to arouse the gamers’ interest, Nintendo needs to come up with truly remarkable games and to significantly improve the current online multiplayer options if the company wants to have a chance of coping with the Xbox Live and Play Station Network. One of the console’s biggest attractions has unfortunately turned with the passage of time into one of its biggest inconveniences: the persistence in resorting to the gamers’ nostalgic memories. Along with the appearance of Mario, Zelda or Metroid, Nintendo created truly amazing adventures which became lovely memories, but now is time for the console to move on, to introduce new characters and genres, to improve the game play and simply let go of the past in order to ensure a proper progress.

As a conclusion, it is hard to point out whether Nintendo will have the capacity to make the suitable changes in due time and will be able to cope with the Sony and Microsoft’s newer consoles. Many, reluctant to the possibility that Nintendo will redefine itself, say it’s simply a matter of time before PS4 and Xbox One take complete control. Others are confident that the Japanese company will carry out the necessary modifications in terms of hardware and game play and hence will be strong enough to compete with its rivals. True or false, 2014 remains a crucial year for Nintendo and its future.