Network support specialist – a job for the future

The IT field is rapidly growing and significantly developing from one year to the next, having numerous and various applications across many industries. As a result, the employment level is also very encouraging, as are the mean wage estimates for most of the jobs in the field. The network support specialist, for instance, is a job with a great annually salary and openings are expected to grow through 2022. As such a network specialist, you will have to establish a computer network within an office, a company or an organization and maintain it operational. The job includes several tasks, from installing and maintaining network systems, as well as equipment, to monitoring the performance of the network and handle any issues that may arise, as well as correcting problems by using network testing equipment. The network systems on which you may work include LAN (local area network), WAN (wide area network) and Internet systems. Since all businesses today relay heavily on each of these systems, network specialists are high in demand these days.


Apart from having the necessary knowledge and ability to work with peripherals and network equipment, network support specialists also have to be skilled diagnosticians, in order to be able to correctly identify the causes of the various network problems that may appear. Therefore, this job is not all about installing network systems and configuring them, it is also about proper analysis of network data as to determine disk space availability, network usage and server function, as well as document network support activities and evaluation of the LAN or WAN performance. This helps ensure sufficient speed and network availability, which are essential for any business. Getting a job as a network specialist requires background training in either computer and information systems security or general computer and information sciences. You can also work as a network support specialist if you have a degree in telecommunications, computer systems analysis and, of course, computer systems networking. As mentioned above, this occupation is high in demand within a range of industries, including Computer Systems Design and related Services, Wired Telecommunications Carriers, Management of Companies and Enterprises, Local Government and Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools. However, there are also industries looking for network specialists in much lower numbers, but that pay them much better, such as the Oil and Gas Extraction industry or the Securities and Commodity Exchanges.


The bottom line is that, as all figures show, the occupation of network support specialist is a wise choice for the future, as more and more companies in different industries are looking for employees with this occupation and the salary levels are constantly growing. Mainly due to the fact that most of the businesses and industries today rely on technology and on computer systems to perform their daily operations, but also to the great assistance that IT and computer networks and systems provide, training to become a network specialist can be a great investment in your future.