How can an iPhone application benefit your business?

There is not even a single major company that is not currently using an iPhone application for business. By hiring independent iOS app developers, companies are creating genuine and highly specialized apps for in-house use, such as providing the possibility of processing orders while on the road and having full access to the inventory control. In other situations, giant companies are delivering cutting-edge apps to their customers as a way to increase their sales or to distribute promotional content. Unfortunately, small business owners do not realize that iphone application development is beneficial for them as well. Even if small business may not realize this huge aspect, you should understand the potential that lies in this marketing medium.

Decide first if the app makes sense for your particular business

The one question that you should ask yourself before hiring an iPhone developer is whether the program makes sense for your company. The key to determining if you can benefit from a mobile application is to sincerely answer the following questions: Can you benefit from the ability to reach customers 24/7? Can you ensure an enjoyable and productive mobile experience? If the answer to the aforementioned questions is yes, then you should definitely consider a custom software program. Practically, a software program gets your business billion dollar profits in the shortest amount of time given that millions of apps are sold and downloaded each day.

An iPhone app provides better experience

What drives Apple to push developers to create quality iPhone apps are the strict standards that the iOS programs are required to pass. Apple take pride in creating a user-friendly experience not only by making available on the market devices, but also by creating high standards for the apps that are present on its ecosystem. This strict adherence is what mainly differentiates iOS software programs from others and the number one reason why businesses tend to lean towards iOS as compared to Android.

Why should you create an iPhone app?

The truth is that the cost of developing a software program is more economical than it used to be because of the increased competition between software developers. Equally important is that Apples’s devices continues at a fast pace. One advantage of using an iPhone application for business is the security that the software program ensures. You no longer have to be concerned with intrusion and hacking of enterprise data. Secondly, mobile software programs have higher scalability. If you develop your own software program, then you will have the advantage of helping your business grow and engage the users as well as the employees at a higher level.

Hiring an app development company

Now that the importance of developing a productive iPhone app is more than clear, you should hire professionals to do the job. A team of expert developers who has experience in the market is priceless. You can always stay in touch with the company, so ay issues will be resolved early. Most important, a reputed company has experience in iOS app development, so you can trust it to deliver you the excellence.

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This is where you should go with your old phone

No one will tell you what to do with your old phone and the odds are that the phone will sit quietly on the table until the owner remembers all about it. You do not need to worry about the upcoming launch of the new iPhone because you already have one that is worth a considerable amount of money. There is really no more use to go to the market and hustle with potential buyers in order to sell your iPhone for cash when you can simply benefit from the rise of the new market interested in purchasing Apple devices. If you desire to trade in the device and earn yourself some money there are a few options you should be considering, among which the Internet is the most viable solution. So where should you go with your used smartphone?


E-commerce websites 

The simplest solution is to go online because it is less time-consuming. The fact is that a busy lifestyle will not leave you with much time to search for buyers. There are many examples of companies such as Gazelle and eBay where you can upload pictures of your product and wait for it to sell. The greatest advantage is represented by the fact that the web is open for everyone which means that the chances that you will sell the smartphone are a lot higher than on the street or by word of mouth. What you should expect is the fact that the value of the phone will automatically decrease according to the state in which the phone currently is and the age, in other words if you have had it for more than two years it can be labeled as old.

Retail companies

Many retailers such as Apple itself are offering customers the possibility of selling their old iPhones. They usually work in partnership with other companies that recycle the phones. What Apple and so many others do is to offer either gift cards or special discount for the purchase of new devices.  By recycling the company gives the phone a new life, in other words it is repaired and resold to other persons who cannot afford expensive mobiles. In addition to this, there are many manufacturers who still use part of the phone such as the plastic and other material in order to make other devices.

Take a trip to the carrier store

There is a multitude of carrier stores that are more than willing to offer you advantageous financing plans. The purpose of Apple stores is to give a helping hand to customers who have not yet finalized their two-year agreement, but who want to get their hands on the newly appeared models. While in the past customers were given the possibility of purchasing phones at low prices only when the agreement expired due to the subsidized pricing, this is now possible through the intermediary of these special financing programs. The trade in program basically means that you have to come with your old device and trade it in for a new one. However, they would prefer that you renew your agreement with them.

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The most vulnerable parts of the iPhone 5 and how to replace them

Even with Gorilla Glass and stronger materials than previous generations, the iPhone 5 remains one highly delicate gadget. Right after unboxing, you can see that this isn’t the kind of smartphone to be throw around and not get a scratch. On the contrary, you need to buy it a case and make sure you don’t expose it to dust, water, heat and, more importantly, you don’t drop it. However, even premium materials wear off with time, so it’s not uncommon for the iPhone to look ragged although it didn’t sustain direct damage. In fact, some of the parts of the iPhone 5 are more vulnerable than others and require replacement after a couple of years. Here are the components that break the easiest and that iOS users usually want to change.


First of all, screens are the ones that go the fastest out of stock in stores that sell iPhone 5 reservedele. As it’s the case with all touchscreen phones, the display is the most sensitive component, and cracking it normally makes the phone unusable. Dropping the phone on its back usually causes some thin lines on the screen, but drop it on its front or on its side on a hard surface and the screen will turn to pieces. Unlike other companies, Apple charges exaggerated fees for screen repairs, so iPhone owners prefer buying these components from other online sources that are just as reliable. Even if replacing the screen by yourself can be a bit tricky, you can find many online tutorials that give you instructive videos and step by step guides. Just make sure you purchase the screen from a trusted supplier and invest in the necessary tools.


Secondly, the iPhone is famous for having problematic battery life, even when the battery is new. However, unlike many other gadgets, iPhones don’t come with a removable back, so the vast majority of users keep using phones that only offer a couple of hours of screen on time. You don’t have to waste hundreds of dollars on emergency mobile chargers or carry your charger with you everywhere you go. There are many professional suppliers of iPhone components that sell high quality batteries and you can learn how to replace them yourself.


Another component that wears off easily is the back aluminum cover. It may look sleek, modern and elegant when you take the phone out of its box, but a couple of weeks without a case are enough to cover it in scratches. Getting a case help prevent this, but not everyone wants to make the phone bulkier and heavier. Fortunately, you can buy a rear case online and replace it when the original one gets damaged. These are the main vulnerable components, but they’re not the only ones that you can find in dedicated iPhone parts stores. You can also find components such as home buttons, front and back camera lenses, light sensors, antennas, speakers, SIM trays and many others. Needless to say, chargers and headphones are also available, so no matter what problem your iPhone encounters, you can buy the necessary parts online, without resorting to the official, but extremely costly, replacement method.

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Unlocking smartphones – risky or wise?

The smartphones market is in continuous development, as more and more models and versions are released every year from major brands, such as Apple, Samsung or Nokia. The newer the models, the more expensive the phone, but people still hurry to make the investment. However, most of them buy the smartphones under carrier subscriptions, which means the device comes locked to that particular carrier. But that’s no problem for most consumers, as there are plenty of online providers that offer unlocking services. To that extent, whether you want to unlock Nokia phone, iPhone or any other type of smartphone, all you have to do is browse the web for a service. There are people who claim that unlocking your phone is not smart, that it can damage the device, but the truth is those claims are ungrounded. As long as you find a reliable and experienced service, there is nothing to worry about.


The unlocking service basically provides you with a code that you simply enter when the phone asks for it, detecting a SIM card that is not from the carrier that the phone is locked to. The providers get this code from the manufacturer’s database of unlock codes, so there is no way that your device can get damaged. Nonetheless, whether you need an unlock Nokia phone service or an iPhone unlock service, it’s important to hire a provider that collaborates with these manufacturers, so that the code is valid. Provided you do that, there is basically no risk for your phone. And the benefits are plenty. If you ever change your mind about the carrier you are using and you want to switch to another that maybe offers a better or a more affordable plan, you can do so easily, since your phone accepts any SIM. If you ever want to sell your phone, you can ask for more money and gain access to a larger market of potential customers, as you can sell the phone to whomever, regardless of the carrier he or she uses.


The bottom line is that unlocking smartphones is not risky, but it’s actually wise. The only thing that users should be careful about is who they choose to unlock Nokia phone or Samsung phones or whatever smartphones they have. But this is true for virtually every service or even product that you get from the Internet. You always have to research the market thoroughly and check the reliability and professionalism of all platforms, by searching for testimonials and feedback. On the other hand, as so many people have smartphones now, you can also ask around for suggestions and recommendations in order to find a suitable service, as chances are someone you know has already used this type of service to unlock his or her phone.

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Unlocking your iPhone 5 – reasons and tips

The iPhone 5 is a greatly popular smartphone among millions of people worldwide. Both the original release and the 5S update registered record sales and everybody loves them from kids and teenagers to businessmen and soccer moms. Due to their high functionality and beautiful design, these phones appeal to all market segments, but they are also a bit expensive for many people. However, this doesn’t stop them from buying iPhones 5, the solution being purchasing the smartphones through carrier contracts, which only comes with the downside of the iPhone being locked to that certain carrier. Nonetheless, if you want to unlock iPhone 5, the solution already exists: online unlock services, that provide unlocking codes for virtually every make and model of mobile phone, including of course the iPhone 5. If you are wondering why you should resort to such services and how you can do it in a safely manner, here are some tips and advice on the matter.


First of all, there are three main reasons for which you should consider paying for a code to unlock iPhone 5. The most obvious one is that you will be able to switch carriers, should you want to do so, and use the smartphone on any network you like. Furthermore, if you unlock your smartphone, you will be able to use it while travelling and avoid roaming fees at the same time. In fact, this is one of the most popular reasons for which people choose to have their iPhones 5 unlocked. Thirdly, by owning an unlocked iPhone, you increase its resale value, should you ever want to sell it in the future. As mentioned above, iPhone 5 is a mobile phone that is highly popular and desired by many, although it is also quite expensive for many. To that extent, there are thousands of people who look to buy an iPhone 5 second hand, but most of them look for unlocked iPhones, so that they won’t have to pay for the unlock service themselves. Of course, the unlocked phones are selling at a greater prices than the others, so if you unlock your iPhone, you will be able to sell it at a higher value.


As far as unlocking your iPhone 5 in a safe and secure manner is concerned, that is strongly connected to finding a reliable service, with great experience in the field. The market of phone unlocking services has expanded greatly over the last years and there are now numerous providers operating in the field. Take your time and research the market carefully, look for companies that offer a service guarantee, but also browse through the specialized forums and blogs to read reviews and feedback from people who have benefited from such services before. In order to safely unlock iPhone 5, you need a provider with experience in the field, but also with stellar customer service, in case you need further support, answers or assistance in any way.

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Useful local advice apps for iPhone users

Whether you are travelling or you decided to move to a new city, it is always good to know you can find out useful advice given by locals directly on your iPhone. Everybody knows how hard it can be to find what you need when you are in a new city. Some of these local advice apps can even help people of a certain age, like your parents, rediscover their own town and allow them to get out of the house more often. Installing these apps on your mom’s iPhone would probably be the best gift for mom’s birthday you can give her.

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