Lower your costs with CDR reporting software

Every company has certain costs it wants to lower and most managers tend not to look for the things that are not very obvious. They look at customer service, material losses, but they often forget that company calls can generate just as many costs as energy consumption or miscellaneous items. The employee who makes too many personal calls, the one that uses the company phone to speak with his friends who are abroad as well as various calls that could have been avoided generate massive costs for many companies every month. So what is the solution for all this? Cisco CDR analysis and reporting tools offer managers the opportunity to closely monitor the phone call activity in their company and take the necessary measures. The right software will give you pertinent information about certain calls. Everything from the duration of the call such as device, termination and all this information can be exported, so that the user will have access to it whenever he needs.


Financial reporting software will also report inbound and outbound CDR calls in seconds, let it know how many calls got to voicemail, how many calls per hour were made and similar information. Furthermore, managers can analyze the calls of a certain department or group and thus obtain specific information about what they need. All this will help companies reduce their costs and even offer better customer service. Those who rely on their phone network to get in touch with their clients or business partners need to have a system that never fails. To this extent, through Cisco CDR analysis and reporting they can determine the potential problems and fix them immediately, before they cause an increase in costs. While most companies tend to focus on production and productivity in order to increase their profits, at some point, once the market is no longer able to accept new products, the only way to increase your profit is by lowing costs.


It is true that some costs cannot be lowered. For instance the costs with salaries or energy consumption, but phone calls are something that can be worked with, especially if the right software is used and manager can analyze successfully the entire data available. Without professional software getting phone call information is a very long and difficult process. One would have to contact the phone company and wait until they access into their phone logs. Professional software on the other hand can supply this information in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, so one can honestly say it will be a good investment. So the next time you decide to lower the costs of your company successfully, financial reporting software can be exactly what you need to obtain results. There are actually companies such as Variphy that offer free trials, so managers can rest assured that they will not have to make the investment if they consider that it will not offer the promised results.