How to use technology to your salon’s advantage

Running a hair salon requires so much more than owning a good pair of scissors. Hair salons that want to expand must be able to keep up with technology. Since the average client grows more and more technologically sophisticated, it is critical that service providers meet their requirements. Technology is not limited to information systems. On the contrary, technology such as salon booking software help you run important aspects of your business.

Taking charge of the salon

Today, salons need software more than ever in order to evolve and maintain their share on the market. There are many applications that are specifically designed to fit your business, so that you don’t have to waste time conceiving one yourself. Applications such as MyCuts are available for both desktop and mobile phones. Taking into consideration that most applications are web-based, you can install them on any device that connects to the Internet. One of the great features of this kind of software lets you perform inventory control. More precisely, you are able to permanently view stock levels, add or remove inventory items, not to mention that you can enter detailed information regarding each inventory item.

Pushing the boundaries of convenience

In most services it is important to get things done quickly so as to be able to enhance the customer experience. Since professionals are faced with the challenge of offering good services to customers before and after the appointment they should consider a mobile app. Not only is it extremely convenient to remember formulas and client preferences, but you will also make them happy. When they see that you take a personal interest in them, customers will definitely come back or refer you to their friends. In addition to this, the software makes it possible to keep an extensive record of the clients’ information, meaning address, phone number and occupation.

Booking done differently    

Thanks to salon scheduling software it is not necessary anymore to scribble appointments in books. This old school method does not work anymore for the technology savvy. The client of today is surrounded by technology everywhere so that they will not find it strange to receive email reminders. Instead of losing money owing to the fact that clients forget to show up for their appointments, you can use an app that sends reminders on your behalf. Another benefit of the app is that you save the hours spent working on the schedule. Now you can easily add appointments by clicking the mouse or by pushing a button. Just imagine organizing appointments into upcoming or completed.

Sell your business

Clients are always interested in finding out the latest trends in terms of style and color. If you desire to be regarded as an authority on beauty and style, then it is time to start marketing your abilities. Since you have all the information you need about the customer stored in the app, use it in order to create real marketing campaigns. An app allows you to send emails as reminders, but you can take advantage of this option to send promotional materials. For instance, consider filming your sessions and send clients regular videos. Maintaining good communication with the customer is essential for business growth.