How to take care of your iPhone 4/4s


Buying an iPhone means you spent some money and you are expecting the best from such a mobile phone. But you will be quite worried to hear that the life of an iPhone depends on the way you are taking care of it. Battery life, storage options and many other details affect the way your brand new iPhone resists in time. Older versions of iPhone tend to make their owners to invest into accessories that can help it match nowadays performance of mobile phones. If you are interested in buying a new charging cable for the iPhone 4 or 4s models (which we all know require a specific charging cable you cannot find everywhere) then you should check what Mobile Mob has to offer. Finding good deals for Apple products is not an easy thing to do, so follow any site that offers sales and deals. Here are some tips you might want to follow if you own an iPhone 4/4s:


First thing that will be necessary in order to keep your phone functional for as long as possible is preserving the battery. Skipping this step will eventually lead to your iPhone not being capable to resist more than 4-5 hours without a recharge. Disabling power-hungry features like the Wi-Fi or location services when you do not use them might help you save a little battery when needed. Making sure you have a good charging cable is also important because poorly charging your iPhone will result in fast battery consumption or even high temperatures when you are using it for a long time. Checking the battery percentage from time to time rather than letting it go from 100% to 1% each day can help preserving its life too.


Even though there are a lot of applications that you might be tempted to install, it is better to leave your storage as free as possible. This will both reduce the battery usage and make your iPhone work smoother. The more applications you install, the less performance your phone will offer. Try keeping your limit around 15-20 applications that you definitely know you are using on a daily basis. If you are a mobile game lover make sure the games you are playing are not critical consumers of battery and storage. Be picky about what you are installing on your iPhone and it will last in time more than you could ever believe.


Everyone knows how sensitive IPhone 4/4s is to water contact. This is one of the main factors that make this phone break before its due time. Trying not to keep the phone in moist places, in rain or other kind of damaging watery environment is essential if you want it to last. Dust is a danger factor as well, for any kind of mobile device, meaning that you will have to keep your mobile phone in safe places rather than throwing it everywhere around. Keep in mind this next time you go to the bathroom with your phone.