How to enhance your League of Legends experience

Statistics show that an astonishing 27 million people play League of Legends online every day and the number is growing as we speak. If you are one of them, then you are probably wondering what you can do to enhance your gaming experience, level up faster and gain the necessary experience to defeat other players and make a reputation. There are many guides and tutorials out there, but, unfortunately, few of them are actually aimed at beginners who are not familiar with the game. Having LoL accounts is definitely worth it, because this MOBA is fun, exciting and captivating. However, one of the major drawbacks that comes from the fact that the game is played online is that beginners can have a bad experience due to more experienced players, who aren’t exactly known for their friendliness. There is great competition in League of Legends and if you want to survive and be one of the best, you will need a few tricks up your sleeve. Some are technical in nature, while other refer to the psychology of the game and the strategies you should pick.


Elohell is a gamer’s worst nightmare and being stuck there will definitely ruin all the fun. League of Legends is a game after all and there is no point in playing it if you can’t get at least a bit of satisfaction. Experienced players have probably forgotten about the place, but, as we beginner, you know it’s there. When you get stuck there, you are no longer motivated and your performance obviously drops. To save time, you can invest in unranked accounts from reliable sources. This way, you can get enough riot points, influence points and runepages to escape Elohell and have fun again. One of the best things about these unranked accounts is that they are level 30 and you don’t have to waste time trying to level up. However, make sure you buy these unranked accounts from reliable sources, because otherwise you will not be able to get back into the division you belong in.


Apart from this trick, there are some additional pieces of advice that you should follow, related to game attitude and psychology. First of all, even though experienced players, such as the ones who win LoL tournaments, are quite inspirational, don’t try to copy them. Develop your own playing style and, most of all, play with a champion that you are comfortable with, not that was recommended to you on forums. For best results, read about the champions and their pros and cons before to make your choice. Don’t try to ask someone about the best and worst champions, because you will probably start quite a debate. Analyze each champion’s skills by yourself and choose the one you like based on your playing style and experience in previous games. Last, but not least, learn from your mistakes. Even experts started out as newbies, but, with ambition and perseverance, you can become a pro too and, why not, even get to compete in LoL tournaments.