How to avoid scams when buying used cars

Few people can afford to buy a new car nowadays and they resort to used car dealers to get a decent quality vehicle for their everyday needs. This is not a bad idea at all, because if you work with a reliable dealer you will find  many cars in good condition and pay just a fraction of the cost. However, not every seller is honest and, if you’re not careful, you might be in for a scam. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you find certified used cars Ottawa Ontario and avoid unpleasant surprises.


First of all, use the Internet to your advantage. If you’ve decided to work with a certified dealer rather than buy from individual sellers, look for testimonials on forums to check that dealer’s reliability. Secondly, do not fall for false claims and, most importantly, avoid deals that are too good to be true. While it may be possible to come across great offers, you shouldn’t forget that you are buying a second hand car and that the price can only drop to a certain limit. If the price is too low, you could suspect that the seller is trying to hide something, whether that is a problem with car documents or certain mechanical parts. One of the clearest signs of a scam is when the seller is trying to rush you into taking a decision. Arguments such as a low number of remaining vehicles, a lot of competition from other interested clients are quite common among those who just want to get rid of old cars and then never answer the phone again.


Changing the price of the car is a common scam. For example, you see a cheap used car on the dealer’s website and when you go to inspect it, they say that it has already been sold and then try to tempt you with more expensive vehicles. You should be careful about the mileage too. A few years ago, it was impossible to alter, but now there is software that allows people to do that. For best results, inspect the vehicle yourself, look for signs of rust and never buy a vehicle without taking it on a test drive. Take advantage of modern online tools that allow you to track a vehicle’s history, because some dealers might hide accidents that the car was involved in. After you’ve tested the car and you’re sure it’s worth the money, there is one final thing you have to keep in mind: the paperwork. Unfortunately, some dealers would do anything to get more money, which is why the let “mistakes” slip in the car documents, under the form of small print. Read the car documents carefully and make sure that the conditions you agreed to are the ones written in the papers. You should look at numbers and also at terms and conditions that could work for the dealer’s advantage.