How reliable is Banc de Binary?

Within the binary options market, Banc de Binary is one of the most professional companies. Founded in the year 2009 and with offices in both Cyprus and London, this broker operates in more than 80 countries. Taking into consideration that the broker emerged on the market following the financial crisis of 2008, the journey of the broker is astonishing. The following Banc de Binary review provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

General presentation  

The reputation of the broker on the market is mostly due to the customer service and the image the broker enjoys within the community. While the company may not be newly established, the founders of the Cyprus company have loads of experience in financial markets, over 100 years, which is proof enough that they are reliable. Additionally, Banc de Binary is one of the few brokers on the market that is regulated by the FSA. In addition to being regulated by several European countries as well, the broker is licensed by MIFID. For this reason and many others, the broker is one of the leaders of the binary options market.

Trading platform

The trading platforms that the broker makes available are unbeatable. In other words, they offer a large variety of trading website with the purpose of catering to the needs of the customer, whether beginner or experienced. While the Digital Option Pro platform is intended for beginner use, the One Touch platform is intended for experienced traders. Thanks to the fact that all their trading platforms are web-based, the investor can place trades from the comfort of his home. None of the platforms require the client to download software or install anything. As long as you can manage to establish an Internet connection, you can access the platforms from anywhere.

Trading accounts

Since Banc de Binary offers differentiated accounts, you are able to benefit more from your deposit money, more precisely, the more you deposit, the more you are likely to get back. Micro Silver is the low end account and it requires a $250 initial deposit. Another option is to get a VIP account that offers many perks such as personal assistant and many others. If you open a Premium account, then you have are offered an account manager, access to trading alerts and signals, not to mention the private sessions. Regarding the bonus, you are offered up to 50% for minimum deposit and 100% for other accounts.  The truth is that the broker addresses its services mainly to those who are willing to spend considerable sums of money and not necessarily to small spenders.

No scams involved

The answer to this question is no. the company can be considered a model in the industry of binary options trading. Even if many brokers escape regulations and carry out scams, Banc de Binary is not one of them. You should deposit your money with confidence since all the trades are legit. Withdrawing your bonus is not a challenge ng task and you have to understand that it is necessary to go through all the paperwork before receiving your bonus.