Five fascinating 3D printed gifts to offer your family

Everyone loves to receive gifts, especially if they are from their family and they have an emotional charge. However, are you not tired of offering the same boring things, such as clothes, home decorating items or a framed photo, every time it is the birthday of someone you love. In case the answer is yes, you should consider looking for places online where you can buy 3D printer. Believe it or not, you can do so many things using 3D printers and one good example is to print things that you can offer them as a gift. Below is a list with five fascinating things you can print on such a 3D printer that will definitely leave your gift receivers speechless.

A printed chess set for your father

People have been playing chess from the oldest times. However, even if this is an old game, this does not mean that you cannot give it a modern vibe and make the pieces of the chess set look more up to date. With the aid of a 3D printer, you can design the chess pieces the way you want and print them. You can opt for some white typographical chess pieces where each piece is designed in the shape of that particular piece’s name, or you can choose some other colored and different patterns. Either way, it is for sure that your father will appreciate the gift.

An unordinary-shape espresso cup set for your mother

For your mother, you can design some interesting espresso cups that have the shape or a rocket, flower or other amazing shape. The morning coffee will definitely not be the same any more. Having such a unique coffee set is something that will attract guests’ attention from the very beginning.

Some unique accessories for your sister

Women love accessories. They are always looking for some new pieces to add to their collection. You can surprise your sister with some cool and unique spiral-shape earrings or you can think of other fascinating shapes and print them using such a 3D printer. You can print an entire set if you want, one that includes earrings, a necklace and a fashionable bracelet.

An amazing smartphone case for your brother

3D printers can print nearly anything, including smartphone cases. Whether it is about Apple products or about Android or Windows devices, you can design the desired shape and model for the smartphone case and print is using a remarkable 3D printer. Imagination has no limit when it comes to these printers.

A guitar for yourself

It is important to know that 3D printers can print not only small objects, but other things that are larger in size too and one good example are musical instruments, such as guitars. After offering every member of your family a unique gift, you might want to consider offering yourself a treat. Use the newly purchased 3D printer to print a unique and perfectly playable guitar. Your friends will definitely envy you after seeing such an instrument.