E-commerce is expected to grow over the next decade

As the Internet takes over a larger and larger part of our lives, it is no wonder that economists from all over the world, but particularly global markets, are saying e-commerce is expected to consistently grow over the next decade. Currently, online retail sales represent only about 10% in most global markets, but during the next 5 to 10 years they are expected to grow to approximately a third of all retail sales. E-commerce is faster, more convenient and opens up a lot more possibilities for consumers, so the reasons for its expansion are obvious. It already enjoys a large share of the retail market, which will continue to grow larger and larger, as long as retailers evolve and adapt to the new landscape. And this means increasing online payments security as well, through electronic money systems such as the ones you can find at Pinkarpay.com, because even though many people resort to the Internet when it comes to shopping or retaining services, a lot of them are still worried about payment security.


Steps in that direction have already been taken by the companies that developed e-pin and e-wallet systems or virtual currencies, such as Ukash, as well as the online merchants that have implemented these systems. Purchasing products or acquiring services with an Ukash kart is a lot safer than using a credit card, significantly reducing the risk of online identity fraud and credit card fraud, which are the main concerns of consumers everywhere. To that effect, as more and more websites and e-commerce platforms will begin accepting Ukash, as well as other electronic money systems, equally more and more individuals will feel safe enough to buy things online, thus determining e-commerce to grow. Consumers can get Ukash kart al from highly reliable platforms and affiliate websites and they can also enjoy great deals. Once the issue of their personal data and banking details being safe from fraud is resolved, and it will be, there is practically no barrier standing in front of the further development of e-commerce, which is expected to be fast and change the landscape dramatically.


The face of e-commerce will change not only by the increase in the number of consumers using a Ukash kart or any other type of e-wallet system to buy products online, but also through the choice of shopping method. There are reports that talk about m-commerce turning into consumers’ favored method of online shopping. M-commerce refers to the use of mobile platforms for shopping, which is quite obvious considering that most people today have smartphones and rely on them for most of their Internet activities, at the expense of PCs and laptops. Furthermore, there’s also talk about S-commerce, which refers to retail sales generated through social media platforms, also expected to grow, because of impulse shopping. The bottom line is that virtual shopping is expanding and gaining new dimensions, so both consumers and retailers need to adapt to the new reality, so Ukash kart al now and find out more about its advantages and security benefits.