Diabetes contact lenses – a possible development?

Diabetes is a very common health problem in our current society. Whether it is because of bad eating habits, a stressful life or simply genetic reasons, more and more people have to deal with this health problem. This is why the researchers from Google are developing smart contact lenses that could help diabetes patients monitor their glucose levels constantly. This project could make a large difference in the way many people receive treatment and detect possible health problems from a very early stage. Everybody who has a diabetic friend knows how hard it can be sometimes to monitor their sugar level and how easy they can slip into a coma, if they are not careful. Diabetes can lead to very serious long term problems such as damage to the patient’s heart, eyes and overall blood flow. However, these smart contact lenses will have a glucose micro sensor in them that will permanently test the patient’s tears.

These lenses will look completely normal, but they will be equipped with miniature sensors to detect a person’s sugar levels as well as warn them if there is something wrong. Still under development, the team of researchers from Google has been testing prototypes that offer a result every second, but they are still optimizing the entire process to make sure these lenses will offer results as accurate as possible. Even though this development is still in a very early phase, it could change radically the way diabetes patients are being treated as well as offer them a brighter health prognosis. Glucose levels can change very fast, which is why it would be so amazing if they could be monitored constantly and patients could react as soon as they find out something is about to change in their bodies. Even though finding out their glucose is not very difficult, it still implies a small blood test, so many patients try to do it as rare as possible. This is why so many of them end up with bad sugar levels so often.

The Google smart contact lenses could really make a difference in this field and offer people the chance to keep their health problem under control. Google is discussing its experiments with the FDA so the diabetes contact lenses could become a reality in the next few years. Such innovative technologies offer people the chance to have a positive outlook on their health problems and manage diseases such as diabetes easier and more effectively. Apparently, Google is interested in developing a number of projects that take technology one step further, and they’ve even purchased various robotics companies; if you want to keep in touch with news like this, visit http://www.journalofnetworks.org and you’ll learn more about all innovations that matter.

Smart contact lenses could be only the beginning to a new series of technologies designed to make our lives easier from a medical point of view. Considering that so far, one can find out practically anything from their phones, why not use it to monitor our vitals and other indicators depending on everyone’s personal health condition. These smart contact lenses could really be the beginning to a new era in the medical industry and revolutionize the way many people are diagnosed and treated from common health problems of our times.