Developing an app for my daughter’s birthday

As the parent of an adorable 12 year old girl, I feel that there’s no such thing as going too far for a present. Ever since she was born, my wife and I have invested in many cool gifts, from dolls and puppets to clothes and tree houses. Many of my fellow parent friends disagree with our methods, saying that we spoil her too much, but, in our defence, I have to say that she has never thrown a tantrum and that she never ruins or throws away our gifts. In fact, she is the sweetest little girl and one year, when she broke her leg two weeks before Christmas, we felt so sorry for the poor thing that we decided to cheer her up with a unique gift. We couldn’t just get her a huge teddy bear with a Christmas tree ribbon on top. So we put our minds to the test and, two days later, we finally came up with an idea that, surprisingly, would not cost anything: I would develop an app especially for my daughter. Lucky for me, I did not have to hire somebody, because I had plenty of experience with app development.

I had been working as an application developer for three years and although I had made dozens of apps for clients all over the world and not once did it cross my mind to develop something for my myself – well, in this case, my daughter. I was skilled enough to finish everything in two weeks and, besides, I did not want to make something complicated, just a game with several puzzles and custom messages from Santa and her parents. Of course, I counted on graphics to impress her. I went for a cute, minimal design, and, being Christmas, I used many Christmas ribbons, snowflakes and candy canes. I also managed to incorporate a messaging system where people could send her get well soon wishes! It’s a good thing I was on holiday, because the app took longer than expected to develop and I had to do some research, because I was better at making fancy apps for companies than developing games for little girls. In any case, it was an original gift idea!

The result, however, was perfect. The app had three games, a messaging system, a photo section and also several songs available for download. Needless to say, I customised it and named it “Suzie’s Christmas Miracle”. It sounds a bit cheesy, I know, but, considering her wide smile and time spent on it, it did the trick. She played on it for days on end and showed all of her friends what Santa had made for her! Most little girls like playing with dolls and pom-pons, but I think my daughter inherited my passion for technology, because ever since she was little she had a peculiar curiosity for gadgets. Now she is in engineering school, so I suppose my hunch was right. Anyway, my present for Christmas really cheered her up and made hospitalisation more pleasant. Of course, we also bought her something else, but I think she liked the application the most.