Computer controlled waterjet machines – applications and technology

Water jet cutting is one of the manufacturing processes that offers the greatest versatility of our time. When the concept of using high-pressure water flow to cut through different materials first appeared, the machines could only cut through one piece of meta at a time, which was a costly and time consuming process. However, today the waterjet machines are computer-controlled and can cut through a wide range of materials, piled up all at once, making the process highly cost effective. As technology advanced, not only did these machine produce better results, but also found uses in a larger range of industries and fields, from meta manufacturing, glass and food industry to robotics, automotive, aerospace and even the artistic field. The applications of computer controlled water jet machines are incredibly versatile and they represent an irrefutable proof of the impact technology has on the development of any field.


As far as materials go, a Wasserstrahlschneidmaschine can cut through a wide range of materials, abrasive waterjets being the most suitable ones for metals like bras, titanium, aluminum and steel. Due to the fact that these computer-controlled machines impose no mechanical stress, no heat distortion and therefore there is no heat affected zone, for many metals there is also no need for secondary processing. For stone and tile fabricators, flow waterjets are the best machines. They are easy to use, also being computer-controlled and they significantly reduce the work in process time. Whether fabricators are using marble, granite or travertine, the water jet cutting machines have the ability to cut intricate designs with no surface stress and no heat. Flow waterjets are also used for cutting delicate glass, the technology allowing for piercing holes in glass and cutting intricate stained glass. As mentioned above, water jets can also be used for cutting food, such as meats, frozen foods, fish, pastries and produce. In this case, ultra high-pressure waterjets are being used, as there is no possibility for bacterial transfer and water jets can be easily adjusted from one type of food to another.


As far as industry applications go, water jet cutting machines are largely used in the aerospace industry, especially flow machines that make use of multi process tools. To that effect, these computer-controlled machines don’t jus waterjet cut, but also clean, route, inspect and drill, thus revolutionizing the aerospace tooling and machining industry. The robotics industry is another field where flow cutting machines have improved processes and helped developed innovative solutions for automation. The automotive industry has been using waterjets for over 30 years and every major automobile manufacturer in the world has found them as the most suitable solution not only for increased productivity and safety, but also for environmental compliance. Last, but not least, these hi tech machines are used in the artistic field, from decorative glass and Christmas ornaments to parking structures and metal architecture.