Candy Crush Saga – a success story

Released by game developer King in April 2012, Candy Crush Saga is the most popular Facebook game, with millions of users from all over the world. Even though it was released almost two years ago, this game continues to surprise its players with constant new developments and levels. The concept of this game is fairly simple: mix and match same-colored candies to obtain as many points as possible. However, players are always surprised to discover the latest changes and updates of this wonderful game. The game developers did a really good job to create a colorful and happy world, where people of all ages can play and have fun. Candy Cush has become so popular that there is an entire industry following it. Many people are now ordering custom made cakes and pastry to match the colorful candy from this game or offer their friends clothes printed with images from Candy Crush. The main reason why this game has maintained its popularity over time and managed to gather so many players is because it continues to offers them various challenges and interesting levels. The internet is filled with Candy Crush Saga cheats even though most of them are just advice on what you can do to pass a level easier.

Even though most games of this kind fade out after about one year of their release, Candy Crush continues to heat conversations between players about various levels challenges, how to obtain the best possible combination and useful Candy Crush Saga cheats. Moreover, the game makers are always preparing something for the fans of this game to maintain their interest and continue to have fun playing it. Recently, there has been a development in the game, where players can enter an alternate land called Dreamworld and begin a new set of levels with fresh challenges. Of course, the idea of the game is the same, to mix and match same colored candies to obtain as many points and combinations as possible. But the player has to keep an eye on many other variables and thus it becomes increasingly more challenging. This game has received a particular attention from media all over the world, especially in Hong Kong, where reportedly one seventh of the population plays it. Furthermore, this game has reached the top 50 most downloaded Facebook games in the world in December 2013 and continues to rise permanently.

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Last but not least, one cannot deny that Candy Crush Saga is an incredible success among people from all over the world and of all ages. With permanent updates and new challenges, this game continues to maintain and enhance its popularity as time goes by. There are very few people who can say they have not played this game at least once or seen one of their friends playing it. The team behind this game really had a stroke of genius when they came up with the concept of Candy Crush. Even though, at first, it seemed like another match-three game players are so tired of, this game managed to capture the attention of everybody and create in a very short time, one of the largest networks of players on the internet.