Techy secrets for increasing your client’s referrals. Hair salon edition

Clients are the power core of a successful business. But sometimes they are quite difficult to please. They have high expectations from all points of view and oftentimes, they seem to replace you with your competitors without an apparent reason. Thus, pleasing clients, especially those you interact directly here is somewhat difficult. But if you invest in a salon scheduler software your chances of getting great client referrals increase dramatically. But let’s see how software of this kind could help you improve your relationship with your clients.


1. No more overlapping appointments

One common problem with hair salons is keeping track of your appointments. Well, until now, because this software will certainly help you tidy up your scheduling book. One of the greatest features some pieces of similar software have is their easy and flexible scheduling calendar. With different indicators for “Upcoming”, “Completed” and “Current” appointments, these little apps will let you have your peace of mind and make sure that being considerate of one’s time is mutual. Neither you, nor your clients will ever be late of forget about appointments, with this little piece of software. Invest in it, because it will come in great help. Also, your clients will be certainly pleased!

2.  Remember your client’s preferences

It is difficult to remember what colour some of your clients prefer dyeing their hair, what haircuts they prefer, or what political views they have (since this seems to be a real deal breaker, lately, for many). But make sure you take notes with your smart apps and surprise them for the best when you’ll be able to remember what hairstyle do they like or what music they prefer listening to. This way, you will have a nice small-talk topic that won’t offend your clients and they are more likely to bond a stronger connection with you. You will become a part of their lives, because clients what all the same thing. They want somebody to validate them and their views.

3. No more unexpected low stocks

Inventory seems to be a part of managing a business many are lacking. But considering the fact that you most probably need to juggle with multiple tasks at once, we don’t blame. However, your clients might have a different opinion about this. If you want to make sure that a product won’t run out of stock mid-hairstyle, software products like these are a lifesaver. If you are not convinced yet, ask those who are already using them. Their feedback will surprise you.

A simple app could improve your relationship with your clients greatly, without any consistent efforts coming from your side. It will simply allow you to manage your business easier and make your client’s experience with your salon more personal. This will help greatly is gaining your client’s referrals is a goal for you. And it should be. Clients are the soul of a business.

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Tips for choosing accounting software


Keeping the financial records for a business used to be a paper-based process. The paper-based accounting system involved ledgers, many columns, and a pencil. Nowadays, accounting information is maintained with the help of computer software. Accounting software is a good choice for people who do not want to get familiar with accounting practices. What the system does is reduce human errors and give insight into the business.

If you are interested in accounting software, check current options. But how do you choose the right one for your needs? Choosing an accounting system is not complicated, but neither is it simple. Here are a few aspects you need to focus on when choosing one for your business.

How much you are willing to spend

Accounting software programs are not equal. They vary in cost. The total price depends on the features provided, so the more you pay, the more features you enjoy. Of course, there are free packages, but you are limited in terms of functionality. If you want to achieve a lot, then you need to invest a lot. A pricier accounting system will allow you to track sales, do payroll, pay invoices and more.

Do you want online or offline software?

Online accounting software is preferable to desktop-based software because it lets you access your data from everywhere. All you need to send invoices is a good internet connection. However, if you need to create more than one or two invoices, an offline accounting program is preferable. Financial data is at your fingertips and you do not need to have internet connectivity. Even if your internet is not working, you can still make financial transactions, or update employee cards.

Why do you need accounting software?

In order to find the best accounting software for you, you need to determine why you need accounting software in the first place. Some businesses can do with spreadsheets, while others cannot. If you are just starting out, you should use accounting software instead of spreadsheets. The system will ensure your business success. A bookkeeping system will also help you if your company has just started to grow. It will save you both time and money by automatizing the processes. The point is that when choosing accounting software, you need to evaluate your company’s needs.

Do not forget about security

You will need control over all aspects relating to accounting. A system that allows remote input and access over the web is not that secure. What you need to understand is that putting your financial records online is not such a good idea because anyone can access your information. You have no control whatsoever over the information. What is more, the web-based application does not let you do back-ups.

As you can see, there are many things one needs to consider when choosing an accounting software package. The great thing is that you have lots of options. You will find a system to help you record and process accounting transactions. You just have to look hard enough.

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UX aspects to consider when designing online salon software

When working with an app developer to design you a salon scheduling app, you have to ensure the one you hire is a professional and experienced one and knows exactly what steps to follow in the designing process in order to provide you, as the manager of a beauty salon, the desired results. When designing beauty salon software online, the UX aspects are highly important and need to be taken into serious considerations. Here is more information about the importance of UX when designing an app.


The app should be compatible for various devices

One of the most important aspects in the app designing process a developer has to take care of is to ensure the app is compatible on multiple devices, such as tablets, smartphones and desktops. Many beginner developers are prone to make this huge mistake – to move from mobile to web or the other way round without taking into account redesigning the app for the user experience. It is mandatory that the app fits the size of the device’s screen, so that booking appointments does not turn into a nightmare or an impossible task for your employees.

The app should be responsive

When it comes to apps, it is generally agreed that one of the most important aspects is for the app to run smoothly and without any interruptions or delays. Whether the user utilizes that software on a laptop or on a smartphone, they expect immediate response and this is highly important especially when it comes to scheduling apps for beauty salons, where several employees may use the app at the same time. In order to avoid any unpleasant situations from happening, such as overwriting appointments or forgetting to schedule them, the app your employees use must be responsive.

The app should be easy to use and have specific interface

Last but not least, another essential UX aspect an app developer has to consider when designing such as software is related to the design itself. The mobile application employees of the beauty salon are going to use should be easy to use and what is most important, it should have a well-established interface so that it does not confuse users or make them push the wrong button on the app thinking it has a totally different function. It is a booking app after all that is going to be used by employees of a beauty salon, so there is no need to be too fancy or to have too many colors or images for instance.

Choosing the right app developer

Now that you know what UX aspects the app developer should pay attention to, it is time to actually search for the right developer to design you the software. It is recommended to start with a detailed online research, to compare the developers you find and even to ask for some recommendations from other people on the internet to see what their opinions are regarding the developers you have found.  Take your time and make sure you select the best one on the market.

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Health benefits of hypnosis that are also science-backed

When it comes to hypnosis, many people are on the opinion that it is only used in TV shows in order to entertain the audience and it has no real health benefits, but they could not have been any more wrong than this. There are numerous studies that show hypnosis comes with a series of great health benefits and worldly renowned hypnotists such as Marshall Sylver agree to the fact that these benefits are even science-backed, so here are some examples to help you get a clearer idea upon this matter.

A great solution to imrpove deep sleep

In the past, many studies conducted on the effects of hypnosis over deep sleep were simply based on asking a series of questions to participants, but nowadays, scientists are able to prove these benefits by actually measuring and monitoring brain activity of participants after they listen to a hypnotic suggestion tape and take a 90-minute nap. This is clear proof that hypnosis can help people who have troubles with their sleep and make them improve it.

It can eases pain

Another great health benefit that comes with hypnosis is the fact that it can be used in order to ease pain. There were some studies published that actually considered hypnosis effective in lowering pain that was associated with various conditions, such as cancer, arthritis or fibromyalgia. However, the number of psychologists who mastered the basics of hypnotherapy and knew how to use it was extremely low.

It can help people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

One study published in 2003 claims that numerous patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome claimed that hypnosis sessions helped them ease symptoms related to this syndrome. They attended one-hour sessions every week for a period of nearly three months and the results were amazing – they claimed to feel better even six years after undergoing the hypnosis treatment, which is definitely a great thing. This means that this type of treatment can actually reduce consumption of healthcare as well as the money people would have to spend in the healthcare system.

It can significantly reduce hot flashes

Another amazing health benefit of hypnosis is the fact that it can help postmenopausal women quell hot flashes. Many of them who have reported more than 40 hot flashes a week have noticed significant improvements after they attended five hypnosis sessions on a weekly basis compared to those women who decided to go to a clinician in order to treat this matter.

It can actually calm nerves

As it was previously mentioned, hypnosis is known to relieve anxieties that can appear due to certain medical procedures, such as before surgery, or before giving birth for instance. Although in some cases its effect might be similar to the one Placebo provides, since a patient’s expectations is what gives him or her that well state of being, a hypnosis sessions can actually help patients minimize pain, disability and fear.

As you can see, these are the main health benefits that come with hypnosis and that are also backed by numerous studies and researches.

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