Bushnell Elite 1-Mile ConX Review

This is the first laser rangefinder that connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to set 3 different custom ballistic curves. This device combines the laser rangefinder with an inclinometer and the fact that it has a waterproof housing gives it an even bigger advantage to measure distance wherever you might need. You can find out more details about rangefinders on websites such as http://www.bushnellgolfrangefinder.com/.


Optical Performances

  • 7x magnification;
  • 5-1760 yd range;
  • 26mm objective lens;
  • Multi-coated optics.


The Benefits

  • The CONX technology that allows the user to connect the device to an Apple or Android smartphone is definitely something to be considered;
  • Superior ballistic performance obtained through the use of Kestrel wind meters;
  • The device is suitable for both archers and riflemen due to the Angle Range Compensation technology that it incorporates;
  • Access to targeting modes such as Bullseye, Scan or Brush;
  • RainGuard HD coating to protect against rain and condensation.


Bushnell has really done a great job with this product, as it has incorporated some of the best technology in the field in a single device. It actually uses Vivid Display, which makes the contracts and clarity much better, not to mention that the transmission of light is done in almost any conditions. The product has a 0.5 yard accuracy in the first 200 yards and its ESP processor certainly enables it to process the information fast and provide its user with a result almost immediately.


What is the main difference between it and other rangefinders?

When using a rifle to shoot at a distance of over 200 yards, you need to correct for elevation holder and windage. As the gravity law determines the bullet to drop, you would have to calculate how much higher you would have to shoot in order to hit your target. When you use the Bushnell Elite 1-Mile ConX you no longer have to do these calculations yourself, because the device does them for you. It is an immense advantage that everyone experienced in rifle shooting can appreciate. The device also has a built-in tripod mount and it is nitrogen-filled, so those who are interested in buying it can rest assured they will have in their possession a durable device.



You will be surprised to see how much this type of product can help you. The fact that you can adjust ballistic curves directly from your smartphone is certainly something to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to buy this product. Overall, you will not be disappointed because it integrates some of the best features offered by modern technology and you will have a device that you will be able to use for a very long time, without needing anything else. This rangefinder certainly makes your life easier and allows you to obtain accurate results even under more difficult weather situations. Its price is quite decent compared with its features and you can rest assured that you will not need another rangefinder for a very long time if you choose the Bushnell Elite 1-Mile ConX.