Benefits that come with using voice recognition software


Scientist have always wanted to be able to build machines that could chatter just like humans. And it seems that their dream has come true since speech recognition technology exists for a few decades now, being built into smartphones and of course PCs. Unfortunately, few people actually use this breakthrough technology. One reason why people do not even bother to try it is that they naturally assume that computers are not capable of understanding human language. However, computers are capable of distinguishing phonemes and transforming them into thoughts and sentences. Voice recognition software is useful both in the home and at work since it converts your words into text and allows you to access function commands. But are these the only advantages that come along with using it?

Speeding response from healthcare providers

Speech to text solutions have can successfully replace traditional transcription methods since document creation can be accomplished in real time without altering the daily workflow. A physician working in Cardiology for instance is only required to carry around the laptop during rounds. The medical physician can simply start dictating his notes from the start of the visit to the actual point of care. The good news is that the laptop is already connected to the hospital’s information system, which means that once the dictation is complete, the text is dropt into the existing work. Moreover, the clinician does not have to deal with the difficulty of recalling every detail on every patient.

Reuse of data

Even though most people perceive date in terms of numbers and text, the truth is that it can be present in voice form as well. Documentation with data is not limited to capturing information. On the contrary, the purpose of documentation with voice is to make sure that the information can be reused in the course of an organization for other functions as well. Taking into consideration that almost two thirds of hospitals absorb numerous penalties from readmissions, the reusability of the data for available for billing purposes is important.

Increased productivity

Although the first impression is that physicians will be less productive, reality contradicts this strong belief. The truth is that physicians who document via voice transcription are provide the possibility of seeing more patients and thus have more billable hours. It has been approximated that physicians are able to see one-third more patients as long as they work with a structured template. Considering that there is a shortage of physicians, being productive is a must.