Social Media Marketing Software Tools for Your Business

Instead of spending too much time on social media marketing campaigns, you can resort to the help of the latest marketing software tools that will help you increase your yield. Some of these advanced tools will help you lead better campaigns that will improve the effectiveness of your websites. Although some of them imply large costs, you will find the investment well worth it as you will be pleased with the results. Here are the best social media marketing software tools that can improve your business.


This is the leading social media dashboard that can really improve your management because it can help you manage multiple networks and profiles as well as it allows you to measure your campaign results. HootSuite allows you to send messages to a Facebook page, to Twitter, or to Google+ Page and it can help you create profiles for internal communications, all for only $10 per month. If you are not familiar with using social media marketing software, you can visit and ask for their assistance in the matter.


You can receive social media monitoring tools, social CRM, marketing, and social media engagement if you choose to use this software tool. The $5,000 per month cost seem very high, but there are many great features included in this software, like tagging a social media advocate for your brand and turning them into a contact withing SalesForce. However, this software can only be used if your business already has SalesForce and if you rely on the help of a full-time social media team.

Sprout Social

If you are looking for a software platform that will help you find new customers and grow your social media popularity, this is exactly what you need. It allows you to monitor your clients’ social media profiles and it can integrate with Google Analytics. This is an affordable and user-friendly software that only costs $39 per month for the basic package. The biggest drawback of this tool is that it doesn’t integrate Google Plus so it won’t be suitable for your business if you are promoting your Google Plus Local Business Page.


This software offers powerful marketing for pages, ads, promotions, messages, and more and it’s advertised as being suitable for any type of business. There are two types of marketing plans included in WildFire, one is the Promotion Builder that only costs 435 per month and the other is the Social Marketing Suite that reaches up to $3,500 per month. However, it’s best that you use this software if you are a big company with a big social media marketing portfolio.

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Cool Gadgets for Growing Plants Indoors

Although plants usually thrive outdoors, you can grow healthy and beautiful plants indoors if you take proper care of them and you use the right tools and devices. The following gadgets are the coolest and most efficient ways of improving the aspect and the health of your indoor plants.

The AeroGarden Ultra

If you do a little research and read some grow light reviews, you will see that led grow lights are the most efficient type of artificial grow lights. Moreover, there are different types of led grow lamps, but the best led grow lights on the market are the ones that provide a full spectrum of light. When reading different led lamp reviews, make sure to also check the energy consumption of your lamp, as you need a type of lamp that consumes as little energy as possible.

If the sunlight can’t reach your house and your plants are not doing well because of the lack of light, this is the gadget that can help you solve the problem. The AeroGarden Ultra is one of the best led grow lights on the market. It features three full spectrum led grow lights that create beneficial light for your plants. The bottom of the device can hold 7 plant pots filled with organic peat moss.

The O2 Air Purifier

This device increases the level of oxygen in the air, meaning there will be more carbon for the plants and more oxygen for humans. The fact that there will be more carbon for the plants to carry inside their stern and leaves will result in an accelerated photosynthesis process and the plant will be healthier.

The EasyBloom Sensor

Sometimes plants don’t thrill indoors because they are not suitable for the growing conditions and you often choose the wrong type of seeds or the wrong soil. Luckily, with this device, you will not longer have to guess which are the best plants for you. You simply have to put it in the ground and it will collect data on the type of soil or the level of sunlight in the area where you want to place the plants. Then you insert it in your computer’s USB port and you will be able to read all the recommendations to achieve a successful indoor garden.

The ILoveLamp

This plant growing lamp that has a smartphone application incorporated is a revolutionizing idea that will put an end to plants that die from neglect. The lamp holds the plant and it monitors the condition of the soil to check if there are deficits in soil moisture or nutrients. Once it detects low levels that can endanger the plant’s health, the lamp will send you an alert via SMS, Twitter or Facebook so that you will know when it is time to take care of your plant.

The Pet Plant

This is a device you will have to connect to your computer in order to check on your indoor plants. The sensor inside the Pet Plant monitors every aspect of your plant’s growth, from the moisture in the soil to the level of light it receives. Then the face on the screen of the pot will clearly display the mood of the plant, from happy to sad.

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Wired Vs. Wireless Security Camera Systems

The wired and wireless home security camera systems do the same thing, which is, protect your home, but in different ways and using different technologies. Both the wired camera and the wireless security cameras have their advantages and disadvantages that make them less or more efficient or easy to use and it is sometimes confusing to choose between so many models. This article will clear some of the pros and cons of both security systems and will help you decide which is the best type for your home.

The installation of both security systems

The installation of wired security cameras is more cumbersome and can require professional assistance to set and connect all the wires. Plus, these wires can pose a tripping hazard especially if you have children and seniors in the house and having them concealed will imply additional costs. The wired cameras have to be positioned near a power source so that the cables can be powered with electricity, which means you can’t position them randomly or move them around the house. On the other hand, the wireless home security camera systems are starting to become popular because they don’t require cabling, they are easy to install by simply setting the connection and you can place them randomly withing the range of the wireless receiver.

The level of safety of both security systems

When it comes to burglars, the wired cameras can lose their efficiency if the intruder is bold enough to cut the wires, which is something that can’t happen with the wireless camera. On the other hand, the wireless camera can suffer from signal loss or interference and they can be Internet hacked to turn them off. Plus, the signal of the cameras is collected by a receiver that passes them to the recording device, which adds another unit that is prone to break down.

The quality of the signal of both security systems

One of the biggest advantages when you choose a wireless security camera is that you will receive a high-quality audio signal and sharp video footage. The wired security systems deliver a video and audio signal that is not as sharp and clear as the signal emitted by the wireless cameras, which makes them less efficient.

Other specifications of both security systems

The wireless security cameras are starting to gain popularity because they are smaller and less expensive than the wired ones. These details make them a great choice for many homeowners who are looking for a security system that is hassle-free and will not require a large investment.

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