All you have to know about ebooks

An ebook is the digital version of a book that can be displayed on a computer or other such devices. They are way more easily to be carried around on holidays or trips instead of physical books and for a relaxed person they are the best option. These type of books have the advantage of being delivered almost instantaneously and the buyer has no shipping costs to pay. Also, because they are relatively new on the market, providers often have a section of discount ebooks on their site.

Ebook formats

On the market there are many ebook formats and some of them are created especially for ebook readers, and others like HTML are formats that adapt to on-screen reading. These versions can be either in secure format or not, but lately the majority of them come in the DRM (Digital Rights Management) version. Some of the most popular ebook file formats are: EPUB ( .epub), which is said to be the universal format from the IDPF; PDF (.pdf) comes both in a secure and non-secure versions and can be used on several types of devices; eReader (.pdb) is available for multiple types of devices and is often used by B&N Nook; Microsoft Reader (.lit), Adobe eBook (EPUB) and Mobipocket (.prc/ .mobi). There are formats created for specific devices like Kindle (.azw) that is based on Mobipocket Technology and can be read on iPhone and Pcs, having the option of using it without buying a Kindle; Sony Reader (.lrx/.lrf) which can be used only with Sony Readers.

Devices that are used to read an ebook

Ebook can be downloaded and read on every one of the devices from the following categories: Smartphones, computers and dedicated reader. Smartphones seem to be the most interesting group of devices for the purpose of reading ebooks because many of their manufacturers provide the option of reading their content. The most available option is to read on computers because all the formats are created to be operated by a Mac or Windows operating system. Dedicated ebook readers are the latest trend on the market in this moment and their main feature is that they use E link technology. In the last category can be enumerated: Apple iPad, which is not technically an ebook reader but has this option; amazon Kindle which is cheap and good looking with a large storage inside, and has the option of downloading books wirelessly; Sony Reader has a regular version and a pocket one and is used for Sony devices and the Barnes and Noble “Nook” that has 2GB space and it supports EPUB and eReader formats. There are also other devices such as iRex Iliad, Bookeen Cybook, eBookwise, cool-ER or Foxit eSlcik Reader.

Ebooks are nowadays’ trend that is provided by several manufacturers and even if not all ebook softwares are the same, they still offer good information. You can adjust the type, background, and font size and if you feel the need of a book sign, you have the option of adding a bookmark.