3 salon business management apps

Even well-established salons have started from scratch, although at first glance it seems highly unlikely. It all depends on the ability of the salon manager to get the business thriving and this is done by always being present at the core of things. Not only does the manager have to oversee the staff constantly, but they are also required to pay attention to little details that makes the difference between mediocrity and success. This is the reason why the job can become overwhelming, especially if you are not thoroughly organized. In order to keep things running smoothly, it is necessary to have more than a pair of scissors. More precisely, you need good salon-management software programs for an effective business. You too can get one if you click here.


Even though it is not as famous as other applications, MyCuts is certainly efficient. The main difference is that MyCuts can be installed on any device, in other words on iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac and Android. The app relieves the user of the stress associated with keeping track of appointments. This way, you can avoid unpleasant situations such as keeping people waiting for hours in the waiting room. Staff efficiency is targeted as well because the situations in which they are not able to keep up with appointments are more frequent than before. By being able to monitor client’s tastes, you can make sure that next time they will not cancel their appointment or to forget it because MyCuts sends reminders. Thanks to MyCuts, you don’t even have to set up an online page to market your business because the app does it for you through email marketing campaigns.


MyChair is a highly treasured app among hairdressers mainly because it does more than help to book appointments. MyChair actually lets the user store important information related to the customer such as contact details, preferences for formulas, appointment dates and even comments. All this will help you boost the productivity of the salon because customers appreciate it if you show them special consideration. After all, the reason they come to the salon is to get pampered. The app also comes in handy for keeping customers posted on the latest news by sending regular emails or text messages. These will also help you remind clients about scheduled appointments.


Millennium is leading business management software that was created especially for novice industries, more precisely for small and medium salons. Besides the many reviews coming from clients, analysts of software technology have also agreed that Millennium is an efficient business management tool for salons that are frequently required to face multiple challenges before actually stabilizing the business. Typical duty requirements for a small salon include resolving customer complaints, managing orders and overseeing the staff. The features of Millennium are addressed to managers and employees alike. In other words, it allows the user to confirm appointments via SMS or email and to gather relevant data on clients and trends. Moreover, it gives customers the chance to book their appointments online while at the same time providing a loyalty program.