3 reasons why you should choose cloud-based file sharing

In the last couple of years sharing computer files among different users has become increasingly popular. At every level of activity, there is great emphasis on collaboration and teamwork, reason why technology has moved towards personal storage and file sharing. This can be achieved with virtually any file type and the good news is that there is a number of methods that can be used. Storing and accessing information is realized mostly through the utilization of cloud based services. When using cloud-based services, the documents are stored not on your local hard drive, but remotely in a server. Numerous companies offer online file sharing in the form of programs and services that ensure storage solutions. Cloud services are an ideal method for storing digital data, reason why you should give your external hard drive a boot. In this article we present 4 reasons why you should definitely use online storage services.

Employees can work from virtually anywhere    

Online storage data will allow your employees to work from anywhere there is a solid Internet connection, which means that your staff will no longer be limited by location. File sharing is most efficient when it is realized on a peer-to-peer basis. When files are shared directly between users, the job will get done faster. The employees basically have instant access to work documents that were previously difficult to obtain, not to mention that the entire operation is as simple as opening a particular program. Last but not least, this ability is highly valued in the business world.

The cost factor

You have to take into consideration the fact that backing up your data is not necessarily cheap, especially when you have to think about the equipment that is needed to do so. External hard drives and backup tapes, as well as the cost of the time that is necessary to complete this task. On the other hand, web-based storage services considerably reduce the costs associated with traditional backup methods, whilst providing you ample storage space in the cloud. Another benefit of the cloud is that you will not need to hire an IT staff to maintain a server for all digital data. Servers are quite expensive to run and they are even more expensive to maintain.

Data security

You should not trust your HDD and storage device due to the fact that it can crash when you need it the most. In order to keep your data safe from hazards you should keep it online. Storing confidential and sensitive information in the cloud is actually more secure than storing it locally, especially if you run a business. Online storage platforms have data encryption, which means that your information is kept safe during transmissions and, most important, unauthorized users cannot access the files.

On the basis of the points mentioned above it is pretty clear why online file sharing services have become the preferred method of choice. Companies that use these services can access the sharing service from any device with an Internet connection, such as smartphones, tablets, and of course PCs.